Microsoft Builds a Curved Shaped Keyboard for Frugal Typists



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The only kind of keyboard I would buy is a mechical keyboard made using Cherry switches. These boards are far superior to any other kinds, offer excellent tactical feedback, and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. 


It amazes me that people will spend $300 on cases and $100 for a mouse, but won't pay 75-100 for decent mechanical model. For something that is your main input to your computer that is not a lot of money. 

Steelseries and Razer make a few high end, built a tank models for less than $100 if you don't care about a stupid amount of media keys and gimicks like LCD screens. 



Is there like scientific proof that typing with an "ergonomic" keyboard is actually better o.O? I tried one back in highschool, for like 2 months, never felt comfortable. I've read several articles on how other keyboard layouts were better than the QWERTY layout in general.



Wow, they made a Logictech Wave.



You know, I'd love to see a mechanical ergo keyboard some day.



They exist. Advantage Kinesis for instance. There are more, like that one split in half, but I cannot think of them all. Dvorak keyboards are usually mech and more ergo than the norm.

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