Microsoft Brings SkyDrive Into HTML5 Era



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I like using Skydrive with Live mesh to keep my minecraft saves current between my home pc and laptop. It's painless to set up and no touch once it is.



Still not as useful as dropbox...  there is a third party application that attempts to do this that I'll have to try out, but without true desktop integration, it's rather behind the times.



I prefer Sugarsync myself, give you 5GB free and up to 250GB on their paid plan. And yes, their is a desktop andandroid app. I have used Dropbox, but switched over to Sugar for the added storage and better pricing plans.


Fecal Face

I'm glad they did this, the old SkyDrive was cumbersome, and just slow to use. Deleting a file would take loading 1-2 web pages and clicking three or so links.

Now you just select a file and delete it. Much better!

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