Microsoft Brings back Drive Extender Features with Raid Style Performance in Windows 8



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this is not going to save this sorry os i will by-pass this like i did vista this os is going to be the big falure



No issues with this, but will the feature come back in "windows 8 home server" edition, where it's really needed and really belongs?



Windows 7 can already do all of this.  It's called dynamic disks.  You can find it in the disk management MMC snap-in.  The only thing they've done here is create a new interface and somehow it's now a new "feature" when in reality, every version of Windows back to Windows 2000 has had this ability.

As for parity, thanks but no thanks.  No one who is serious about RAID uses software for RAID 5 because having the route all data through the CPU when writing defeats the entire purpose of DMA.  Software RAID 5 (or parity if you will) is extremely slow, like, 30mbps or less slow.  Anyone who is serious




Data stripping?

There should be a default super-easy version with this UI as "advanced" for the more tech-savvy crowd. One-button choices when you add a new disk like "More storage, safe mode" (parity) or "regular storage, ultra-safe mode" (mirror). Choices grandma would be comfortable making. Or the ultimate in dumbing-down, think how Apple would implement it in the UI.

I for one welcome our new storage spaces overlords.

And no, it's not a ZFS ripoff, ZFS is the underlying filesystem, here NTFS is the file system. This product adds, essentially, zpools to NTFS. And BTW, products like Tivoli's Storage Manager did this WAY before ZFS ever hit the scene.



total ZFS ripoff.

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