Microsoft Believes it Has What it Takes to Upstage Netbooks and Macs



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I've convinced several people in the past two months to avoid Windows 7 like the Plague when it arrives

When you have evidence to support your claims, its easy to convince people

YOU should try getting evidence that Windows 7 is not spyware and see what I mean

Oh wait, I forgot, you cant get any evidence that its not spyware and thats the reason foreign Governments are refusing to to anywhere near Windows 7

The propaganda isn't working anymore so get over it




 I have no doubt that you will yet convert thousands in your little juvenile world of hatred and conspiracy.


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




Windows 7 will be EXTREMELY popular to Noobs, but Volume Licenced copies of XP-SP2 that are labelled as "Illegal" by Microsoft are FAR Safer to end users!

I would gladly pay to use ANY version of Windows I liked but the only reason that you cannot buy a copy of Windows that Microsoft calls Illegal is because you can avoid Microsofts Spyservers with it and block ALL Incoming and Outgoing Data if you know what you are doing!

Even 3rd party firewalls for Windows 7 prevent you from actually knowing what is sent or recieved

Antivirus programs are currently or, like Free AVG, already have been rewritten to handle Internet traffic so that you are getting a Firewall Popup warning you that your Antivirus is contacting the Internet but YOU ARE NOT getting a popup for the programs connecting to the Internet through your Antivirus!

I think its safe to say that all you other posters who call me the nutty tinfoil hat wearing cool-aid drinker have shown your incompetence or are just plain Liars

Get a Clue!

Windows 7 "IS" the NSA's new Spyware Platform and it effectively makes forensics software obsolete!








Period, Your repetetive spewing of Anti-Microsoft banter and advocacy of piracy is beginning to grate on everyones nerves.  

Illegal software is labeled as such because it is illegal, not because Microsoft does not want people to use it. If you possess pirated software you are breaking the law and should be treated as a criminal.  Tell me where you live and I'll send the suits myself.

Second, you clearly do not understand the difference between antivirus software and an internet security suite.  Antivirus programs do not block traffic, firewalls do.  Many names such as AVG, Norton, and MacAfee offer antivirus software as part of their suite, but learn to know the difference.

Lastly, forensics software do not depend on the operating system.  They run independently above the drives you are investigating.  If you are running off the OS on the same drive you are looking at, then you just contaminated evidence and clearly do not understand the first thing about computer forensics.

Every post only demonstrates your inept grasp of technology.  So, please either get a clue, or stop posting.


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




1. I did not advocate piracy! I simply told you which Microsoft Product was the safest to use from an end users point of view, Dumbass!

2. I never said Antivirus programs block traffic Dumbass! Your FIREWALL is SUPPOSED to block traffic but you no longer are getting popup warnings from your firewall for all the applications you use due to the way antivirus programs are handling said programs Dumbass!

3. The realtime evidence collection capabilities of Windows 7 relegates Forensics evidentiary collection techniques obsolete except in special cases where a Dumbass is collecting the data!

4. WANT TO SUE???  Great! My name and address can be gotten directly from Maximum PC staff if youd like to lose more than braincells Dumbass!




Ryan Whitwam

Dude, just stop. No one cares about your ramblings.






A bit behind the curve are we?

Try my other posts if you need to catch up! 



'tis the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.



hmmm...I can hear the apple fanboy theme song when he posts.

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