Microsoft Begins Airing Its First Seinfeld TV Ads



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All I want to know is.... what the H3(( happened?



I think I need to buy some shoes ...



He's a 10. As in perfect. Yeah, the underlying message is that it is a perfect fit but will need to be broken in like a pair of new shoes. It's creative.

Bob Cook
Montgomery, TX



...but I really liked it.

Granted, it had nothing to do with computers, or Windows, but the whole "Bill Gates buying discount shoes", "Conquistador", and "Shoe Circus Clown Club" thing had me pretty darn amused.

 And Bill's picture on the card, like he's been a member since back in the  day, too funny.

Microsoft does need to stop selling technical superiority, makeing PCs fun and easy, and all the dreams we've all pretty much given up on, and just work on making Microsoft seem cool again

Because we all know that  Americans are gullible enough to buy products just because they're from cool companies like Apple , right?

I'm interested to see where this goes...



I like how "Epic Fail" is one of the tags....after watching the ad, I really want to go to a shoe store and get some shoes, but not a microsoft product?  Are they advertising Vista?  Windows?  Microsoft in general?  Comedy, yes, but the marketing was pretty much an epic fail...I guess we'll have to wait until more of these come out.


Keith E. Whisman

Well I thought it was really funny. I really don't know what they were trying to sell but who cares Microsoft bought that 30seconds of ad space on TV for a funny commercial that does'nt sell anything and I like it.

This only the first commercial. Perhaps it'll get to selling Microsoft products in the next commercial.



I didn't think I would be impressed with the rumored Seinfeld commerical given what is (for me at least) a bizarre/creepy Mojave campaign. But you know what? I thought this commercial was great. I thought it was funny, and it inspired in me the thought -- for the very first time ever -- that MS is actually cool in a modern, geeky, pop-culture, 'we get it' kind of way. Nope, the ad doesn't have ANYTHING to do with Vista, but within the larger context of marketing strategies, this is the perfect approach, I think. In its war with Apple, MS is losing a battle of perceptions, and not necessarily a conflict of which company actually offers the better OS platform. If MS can somehow establish that they understand people, and culture, and a general sense of appealing dorkiness, then they set the table for a follow-up message on actual products.



I thought it was hilarious, a light hearted take, and 10 billion times less annoying or gay than Justin Long.


Talcum X

 My wife and I saw this yesterday evening.  It was cute, a bit funny.  Deffinately light herted in its manner. Is it for now, or fow what's to come...   Adjust you underwear if it's the latter.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin

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