Microsoft Azure Shut Out Users Over Weekend - Should We Expect This from Cloud Computing?



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I don't know if the virtual environment idea is a good one, this is one of the reasons...



Take a look at the Cloud Wars II link next to the article for more background about cloud computing. For a more detailed analysis of the different definitions of cloud computing, see this InfoWorld article:


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.


I Jedi

When in the cloud and not in control... Anything can happen.



I still don't understand the concept of cloud computing. Is it just simply storing apps. + docs. on large corporate servers of companies and then being able to access them from any P.C. or is it something more?


Keith E. Whisman

I told you so...

Yes you can expect this and worse.

There will be access to private data stored in the cloud given to not only government agencies but also those people and companies that are willing to pay to have a looksy. 

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