Microsoft Announces Security Essentials Beta Program



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Roll Tide

In its "final" release I will expect MSE to be bloated and cause any cpu intensive task to be slowed down and glitchy. This will of course reduce the value to gamers and anybody else not wanting to experience the regular hiccups a utility like this will do from Microsoft. I mean if Microsoft cant figure out how to make IE launch faster than a drunken snail while Chrome is almost instantaneous, I dont hold much hope for MSE to be nothing than bloatware with  some non important updates every month to give the illuision its relevant



Shouldn't the link be:



I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the Microsoft Essentials package.  For the past few years, I've been using AVG and I was very happy with it.  I used the paid version and I put it on all the ocmputers belonging to my wife, three boys and myself.  It got to be a little pricey, so when I saw MSE I said what the he** and installed it once the versions of AVG had expired.  It has proven to be a good decision, both for protection and for cost. 



Too bad it wont stop spam on Max Pc


Holly Golightly

I hope it can detect hard to find spyware like Super Anti-Spyware can. I have not found a spyware program good enough to detect ad-tracking cookies. They are stubborn and always install themselves right back just by visiting any webpage. If Microsoft can not stop ad trackers, then I am still going to use my current spyware program.



MS should have had this since win 3.



Simplified UI - Simplified UI makes Microsoft Security Essentials Beta easier to use.

I already thought MSE was pretty basic in that sense, how could it get any more simplified and easier to use than it is, just one large "On/Off" button on the UI?



This is exactly what I was about to post and ask. 



Me 3.



"Enhanced protection through automatic malware remediation - The Beta will clean high-impact malware infections automatically, with no required user interaction."

Reminds me of the security package my ISP had. Whenever it found any malware utilities I had downloaded that were not related to the ISP package it DELETED the downloaded files from my computer! No thanks Micro$oft.



I'm sure as nice as MSE is it'll be fine tuned.  It'll probably provide the option to need human interaction to actually delete questionable files from your computer.  I hope they get into spyware as well.  I would love to only need one small compact app for AV, malware and spyware.  Rather than needing 3 seperate apps. 



They should've gotten into spyware a long time ago since the vast majority of spyware is targeted for PC's running MS products.

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