Microsoft Announces Record Revenue, Investors Shrug



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It's become an old stodgy performer and mutual funds and other institutional investors have shunned it for a decade. They will need to double the dividend (at least) to attract any interest form investors.

They are slow as hell when it comes to innovating in the important markets, Windows Phone is a dog, they won't have any decent tablets until 2012 it doesn't matter that they have the Kinect that doesn't impress wall street.

The fact is Apple just made more profit last quarter for the 1st time since 1990, that's amazing. Look at the stock charts for Apple and MSFT since 2003, one is flat or down, one is through the roof.

I mainly use Microsoft products but I'm glad I have Apple stock.



because... you know... the company that basicly has the buisness backbone of every country by the nuts has no chance of making money without entering the tablet market (which windows 8 is supposed to do)... The stupidity of investors sometimes astounds me. 



I care.

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