Microsoft Announces Limited Time Windows 8 Upgrade Discount for Windows 7, XP and Vista Users



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Same here...this guy is smoking crack....win7 in my experience has so far been the best OS they released, but I recall 98SE being more stable than 95 lol



Windows 7 has been out since 2009. That gives them 3 years to work on 8. Plenty of time.



Agreed...three years is common, even if it's only a point release.

Which brainiac told you it took less than a year? The last time I recall MS completing an OS release update in less than a year was Win98 SE. Even NT5.1 took more than a year over NT5 (didn't seem like it, tho...).



If I was running XP or Vista, this would probably make a lot of sense to do. I don't see making the jump from 7 to 8, I don't like the Metro UI and don't see the benefit of upgrading. This is probably going to win over a lot of people and I think you'll see a big plummet in XP users. I'll stick with Win7 for a few more years, at least until I can buy something new.



From looking at the comments on the Windows Blog page, it looks like M$ may be able to pull this stunt off. The sheep are lining up already. You'd think Apple was releasing another iPad. A lot of questions from XP and Vista holdouts. I think I see where this going. Get these holdouts off their old windows versions and 'herd' as many Windows 7 users along as possible. Very slick Microsoft!



Considering XP is over 10 years old I think it's a good thing to get the holdouts to switch. I don't see the problem here. All I see is bitching for the sake of bitching.



Windows 8 is a touch screen OS. They could give this to me for free and it wouldn't be my go to OS.
Windows 9 will rock.



While I do agree that Windows 8 is mainly for touch screens, I don't think it'll suck all that badly. I doubt that it will be an utter failure like what people are expecting. Im not saying that it'll be like Windows XP or Windows 7 or (insert your favorite OS), but It will appeal to a different crowd however.

I think the bigger question is this: If Windows 8 does not gather the attention Microsoft is looking for will Microsoft turn the Touch Screen OS back into what we know and love today? Sad to say, I have a feeling that we will never see the Start button again and that Microsoft is using Windows 8 as a way to "fade" that button out and usher in a new era.

I will end my statement with this, I will give Windows 8 a try....on the Microsoft Surface anyways, and if I decide to buy a touch screen monitor between now and Jan. 31st, then I will take the $39.99 offer.



It seems obvious to me that they're trying to build synergy between their desktop/laptop OS and mobile devices. It's an interesting gamble. If I had a Windows OS smartphone and/or tablet I'd be interested in using the same look and feel on my other primary compute device. Apple is attempting the same thing but are being less aggressive about it.

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