Microsoft Announces 36 Notable Updates for Windows 7 Release Candidate



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I want my goddamn classic menus.



How I hope they let me trade my copy of Vista Ultimate Retail in. I just went through a bunch of garbage related to trying to play 'Fearless' on blu-ray and it turned out my ATI card just needed to be updated...five bucks says it wouldn't have if it hadn't been on Vista. It was so odd that it rebooted Vista each time I tried playing the movie. Of course T2 played just fine the night before. I just want that fresh Windows installation feel, but not the headache of the file restoration, though I have taken an image with Acronis.

Not that I have had much problems with Vista but as of recently, it has been getting worse and I am dreading the inevitable reinstallation. Trying to hold out till SP2 releases so I can hit it out with one shot from SP1 then reinstall everything. It has just been getting so slow that I need to always keep my PC in Hibernate, rebooting on an occasion. Over 1:30 to boot? Dual Core, 4GB Dominator mem on a Raptor? Used to be 30 seconds! Come on!!

Anybody else got the same problem? Feel like they need an 'oil change' and start off fresh?



I guess im weird, but i love the challange of getting everything right where i want it.

Anyway, feel lucky man, I have a boot time of 5:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Im reinstalling today.


Asus M2N-SLI mobo

AMD Athlon X2 5400+ OC'd 3 GHz

2 9600 GTs OC'd 700

4GB DDR2-800 OC'd 870

250GB Sata 7200 Hitachi 160GB Cavair



Yes, we all know microsoft sucks.  Everything for the past many years has been designed to waste our money, and be full of bugs.  However, in the recent years with apple coming out of nowhere and dominating part of the market with their triple price-margin products, it seems Microsoft has finally decided to care about the customers and actually make their products decent.  Sure, vista had a crapload of problems at release and until sp1, and sure i'm probably jinxing it, but with Windows 7, it seems like microsoft might actually become a respectable name.

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