Microsoft Announces 320GB Xbox Slim Hard Drive



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keeping the xbox live vs psn stuff out of it (this is a hardware discussion), the real shame here is that MS is still keeping an apple model for the xbox of controlling all hardware and software.


whereas Sony allowed for self upgrades of the hard drive- knowing most of the public would still originally buy the biggest out thier and then figure it out. (better marketing technique)

the game is a throwaway since the per unit cost is only about 10 bucks tops- though sold at 60. and since it is part of the package you can expect to see it still there long after interest in the game has dropped (along with the price)

we can hope ms changes the model for thier next xbox but i doubt it- they probably will give it a smaller drive with a cloud presence



jaygregz   Wingzero_x is correct, one of the reasons i went with a PS3 instead, put whatever hard drive i want in there and since i dont really have alot of time for online gaming i dont have to pay for netflix etc with PS3 like you do micro$oft, sorry friend



Hmm.  I remember when 1TB drives came to the PS3, and nearly everyone I knew threw one in for about the same price.


I'm really and truly offended that maxpc's web developers failed to add a simple profanity filter to their captcha system



Just wanted to point out that there are other options for storage on the xbox. For example you can now use a usb thumb drive as a storage device. Also the xbox slims hard drive is just a regular 2.,5" inside of an enclosure. You can actually buy the enclosure online and put whatever size hard drive you want in the thing for much cheaper than microsoft is offering.



Just wanted to point out that you're...WRONG!!!! While technically you can do all those things you said in fact you may not. As part of the LIVE EULA states that you may not use a modified console. Microsoft sees any drive outside of their offerings as a mod, and they will ban your Live account!

Also USB storage is restrictive to 32GB, and if the game requires the use of the HDD, (like Reach MP, or Classic XBox titles.) it will do you no good.


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