Microsoft: Angriest Android Users Get a Free Windows Phone



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Considering that Microsoft is charging the same price for hardware vendors to license patents for android as they do to license their own phone operating system, they should let android phone owners get the OS itself for free and let them dual boot.



Malware writers always go for the biggest target. For once, Microsoft is not that target and apparently they aren't used to it. I just find it amusing how some companies talk about how secure their stuff is (or how someone elses is unsecure) when their crap is just as vunerable. They are just less popular so the malware goes for the bigger fish. So bascially, they are selling a false sense of security. Face it Microsoft, your phones suck.



I've used all the mobile OSes (including things like PlayBook, WebOS and WinCE), and I have to say Win7phone truly is beyond awful. The glorious 'tiled' interface is cute at first, agonizing after a half-hour. The rest of the system is even worse: inconsistent, counter-intuitive, anti-ergonomic. It switches without warning from tiles, to uninformative icons, to huge largely-blank pop-up menus.  Here's my best example: while tiles can display a few programs (excuse me, "allow them to reveal themselves"), the actual master app catalog is simply an endless text list! How elegant is that??

There's some potential in WinPhone, but Microsoft's new working mode is to define the features first, then ignore all criticism. (Witness the addition of the nobody-asked-for-it "Ribbon" in Windows.) So I don't expect that the rough edges will ever be smoothed out. Win7Phone is annoying not by accident, but by design.

Worse, WinPhone emulates the worst trait of iOS: the need to use its creator's custom software (or log in to its cloud services) to do absolutely anything. Most Android devices allow me to simply drag-and-drop my files via standard USB or Wi-Fi connections. iOS forces me to encrypt them through iTunes. MS is going the  latter route, and that's a definite show-stopper. UIs are a question of personal taste, but the right to control my own files on my own device is fundamental.

Which brings us back to the original topic: malware is a fact of life, even on totally locked-down OSes. Run to Microsoft because of a few Trojan Android apps and the terrorists have already won.



i half agree with you. its like the whole windows, osx virus debate-more malware, virus' etc on windows simply cause its the most used os. wp7 though is a huge winner in my book. ive tried to like android for the longest. i was going to get the moment back in the day but web os won me over with its slick card system. after the phone was near its exploding point, i was going to try for a flagship android device this past february but decided to play with a wp7 for shits and giggles and was simply won over. now with mango, i dont think ill ever switch. android is just to clunky, ugly, and laggy. i havn't touch a device, or used a custom rom that has left me saying 'wow, this is what i want.' ive played with them all, they all pale in comparison the experience i feel with wp7. to each their own but wp7 i feel is what the common folk and geek alike should give an honest chance.


Juan Rivera

So what sucks so bad about them. Ive palyed with IOS to Android and now WIN7.5. SO far the most fun I have had has been on the Win phone. I laugh at the automtic stigma that people have without even giving a real try. It has the best media player hands down. Yes the Zune service has its faults but the music application just doesnt compare. I can play pretty good games which im loaded with and surf the web just fine.

Yes, people like to see billions of apps. Truth is im finding all the ones I want with very few exceptions at this point and many are already in the pipeline. It is completely custumizable? No. Can you jail break it? Sort of. Is it the cheapest? No. Is it a pretty UI? That just depends on your tastes? Does it have screaming edge hardware and specs? No but its not absolutely necessary. Either way there is information leaking out on higher end phones with modern hardware for those that absolutley need it.

 I am aware that it doesnt have a decent event notification system yet but I am sure thats coming. IOS and Android didnt have many features when they came out either. Give it a real try and you may see that the O/S is actually pretty nifty and fun in its own way.

BTW it sucks that Verizon is so retarded in not accepting any other WIN 7 phones other than the OK Trophy.

Happy hunting guys and gals.



Funniest part of this story is the exploit that was just recently released against the windows phone.


Windows will always be Windows. 




Majority of users get mal-ware & spyware by first going to the wrong sites.  These people are usually uneducated in the means of security and preventetive measures on computers.  These people just need to be brought up to speed on these measures.  

Majority of people are scared to even install programs on their computer much less go into the settings of a program and start making exceptions and allowing things.  There is mal-ware, viruses, spy-ware, sms hacks, battery exploits, innies and outties of any program you come across. 

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