Microsoft and Mozilla Battling Over Open-Source Licensing



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Well you can't really be a business and have your code freely open to everyone. Where does your profits come in? How do you support yourself?

But you asking that question is like asking how the iPhone is a gaming platform on the same level as Nintendo and Sony now.



There are many businesses making money with open source software, Red Hat to name one.

The business model is based on services, not only on selling software licenses.

Does it work? Yes, although there are still bumps on the road: Google for "Open Source Business Model".

In the Enterprise software the difference between open or closed source can be very thin. Most large customers, when dealing with small companies, especially startups, now have provisions added to contracts stipulating that the source code must be deposited at an escrow company on a regular basis so that if the startup dies, the customer gets the source code and a non-exclusive IP ownership. This is to address cases described elsewhere in this thread.

Very large customers do have access to Windows source code.

The issue is not if you "give" free access to the source code nor what licensing you assign to it, the issue is to have the right product with the right services, the right marketing, the right sales department.



Not that I would concider iphone a true handheld gaming platform but the new iphone 3g s (or palm pre) does have far more graphics and processing power than a nintendo DS, not sure how it stacks up against the DSi, but it is slightly outmatched by the psp, but not as much as you would think.



I mean  look at linux now thats Open Source but Windows is not. Open Office is open source Microsoft Office is not. I dont understand why they think they are open source but ya whatever.



...for others code.






I was an MS partner for a few years.  From someone on the other side (kind of), MSFT is one of the most professional, courteous, partnerships I've ever had.  MS bends over backwards for business relationships.  If you act in good faith, they are your best friend.  Anyone who has operated in Open Source will tell you straight away, versioning is EVERYTHING.  Remember that Apple was anti-open source.  Still are.  Just read one of their user agreements. That said, I think MSFT will dominate if they do go that route, but I wish they would not charge so much and take a cue from Apple.  Cost of development for Apple is significantly cheaper than MSFT.  But something I fear Apple may fall into is the relaxation of code development.  One of the reasons that the iPhone is so successful are the applications tightly controlled by Apple.  MSFT does not require as much.  It is a catch-22.  They want more application options out there, but because of that there are a lot of BAD applications out there.  I fear that apple will fall into that trap when focusing on world domination.  

Thus I tie back to open source.  It has it's uses, but there will be a cost if it's not administered appropriately. Hey didn't Obama appoint a Czar for that yet?


If you liked the Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, you'll love the Endless Universe- Beyond the big bang theory by Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok.



I do not work in the computer field and am just a hobbyist, so can someone explain to me why this matters if it is open source.  I am not a fan of Microsoft and use a open source software as much as possible.



--- Once upon a time, many years ago, there were many IT Companies with what seemed cool products, the BBC and the government of Argentina bought products from these magical companies.  Those companies went out of business and/or changed direction.  The (proprietary) products bought by the BBC and some governments were no longer supported and no longer being updated - those agencies got screwed badly but no fuktwats got in trouble cause they had either retired or were too high up in those agencies.  Money (and much more valuable; Knowledge) was lost. 

  But if you go with something called opensource (software and hardware exist as opensource) (like Brazil, Germany, and some small eastern US state are trying) then the technology you use is FREEly available to the public - even if those snots go away, your company/government has access to said technology and can hire whoever they want/can to update or even change that product so that those fuking medical records finally get digitized and social medicare finally starts aiding ppl.

More happy details can be found here, if you care to read...

Vendor lock-in -




Given the proclivity of the XBox360, shouldn't that be a red ring behind Gates?



Dude, that made me LOL!

Although I had to have someone explain that red ring of death thing to me a couple of weeks ago. 

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