Microsoft Already Starting Work on Windows 8



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Zachary K.


It makes sense that they will start the
development stage of win8 now; they are done with developing win 7, and all that’s
left is ironing out the bugs and such. As long as they don’t plan on releasing
win8 right after win7, I think its good that they are already planning for the
future. I am using win 7 beta, and I am happy. Performs great, looks great,
wish I could get my hands on a permanent key now, so I can do a clean install
on my 10K rpm HDD without worry of being without a OS when beta comes to a



i hope WIN7 lets me use all 6GB of System RAM, instead reserve it for addressing space. Windows should have that.

after trying it out, i am a fan of the slideshow background feature. now i shouldn't have to go through Picassa or the Display Properties to change it all the time.interface is nice and prett, as well.

so when does WIN7 appear? WIN8 hopefully WIN7 won't turn out like Vista.



Windows XP and Windows Vista will allow you to use all 6GB of your ram, you just need to install the 64-bit versions instead of the 32-bit versions. 

If you want all 6 of your GB for Windows 7, be sure to buy the 64-bit version. 



64bit operating systems will only recognize more than 4GB if you also have a motherboard that supports it.

Most current MB's do, however there are still some relatively recent boards that don't.

Before you go out to buy more ram make sure you've researched board compatability as well.


Keith E. Whisman

64bit Windows 7 Beta is rock steady. I guess you could say I like it.



I'm not too old, 17, so my first Windows OS was 95, it's come a long way since those days, my first PC being a 98 machine.  Sure the jump from 98 to XP alone was massive, the jump from XP/Vista to 7 and 8 should be the same.


Keith E. Whisman

Is Windows 8 the official name or is it the code name for the project like Longhorn was the codename for the Vista Project and Blackcomb and Vienna for Win7 Projects?



idk, windows 7 makes sense, why not keep the naming convention? or do what apple does and have the number as well as a name like tiger 10.5, leopard 10.6, ect. by the way, I probably screwed up the numbers and names, but you get my point



I feel like ms dosnt care about the version of windows that is our right now.  Just worryin about the future :)



Wow, still a bit early though. Microsoft should be focusing on windows 7 not windows 8 right now


Pentium 0

If win 7's name supposedly didnt have any meaning whatsoever, then why are they calling the next one win 8?



microsoft for me was ms dos 3



lol, it wasnt too long ago but i remember my senior year of highschool I was in a vocational school learning Autocad and chose to use the windows 3.1 machine with autocad r13 just because it was in the corner of the room and I had ample desk space at my disposal.

Come to find out, it was much more reliable than the win95/98 machines others were using. yeah it took along while to properly render, but at least i wasnt losing my saved work and even better i wasn't BSOD-ing like others in my class.


Keith E. Whisman

Windows 8. 

You know it would be something if I suddenly woke up and it was 1987 and all this was just a happy dream. I remember laying in bed trying to imagine what games of the future would look like and what Operating Systems of the future would look like and you know now that I am in the future it's actually pretty cool.

I remember Windows 1 and wondering what it was going to be like 20years from now. Can you imagine? My children are 5months, 3years and 4years old. What are their cell phones going to look like when they are 20? What are their computers going to look like when they are 20? Heck what kind of CPU are they going to have in their computers when they are 20? What are their cars going to look like when they are 20?

Sit back and imagine what the future is going to hold and commit it to memory like I did so you can bring it back up and compare your thoughts.

Thanks for the article on Windows 8. Great Job. 



I'm 19, so i'm close to your 20 years on everything mark, and honestly i must say i didn't think we'd be where we are now, and i've done the same thing, sitting around, trying to dream up what our technology will look like, how it will behave, how easy it will be to use. As a web designer and technician, i see these things on a daily basis, and work with some of the new things (trying out flash now, that's a bit awkward but neat in itself) and i imagine books will be a thin couple pieces of something (silicon?) where you open it, and pages come up virtually, almost like a book now, but laserish. Flip the pages like a book, but you can't see the pages, so no pages stuck together by carelessness with coffee/juice, no wrinkled pages, no discoloration or fading. Also could flick the book a little, like motion turning a page, but you only do it for a couple inches, and the display changes.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



My first hands on experience with Windows was 3.1.  My first experience with a computer was a Macintosh in the late 80's.

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