Microsoft Already Planning Kinect Ads



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You guys really have a problem with crediting people who find stories? This is the second time I've found a story & after it being covered by popular websites you're the ones who won't credit me. Coincident that TechCrunch writes about it (credit me) and you find the trademark the same day!

You guys really have no ethicl standards.



One more reason not to integrate Xbox Live into Windows. I do NOT want to see ads on my desktop.



Sad to see MS is moving away as a technology/software company and moving into a service/advertising company.  I guess they have to follow the money...



I resently learned this (since I play real games only, i.e PC); there are ads on xbox live?! The service you have to pay for?! Are they just in the store, or in the other parts of the system too? I have used a PS3 some and saw ads for games in the store, but not in the rest of the UI. That would be annoying..



Gotta agree with you on the real games, though I love my PS3 as a media server and some of the games as well. 


Your point on seeing additional adverts for a subscription service is spot on and I agree that it's completely redonkulous.   It works for television though, so why not just put ads every freaking where you can.  Corporate greed wins the day.



Really?  New ads?  The pun is terrible.  In all reality, though; advertising in-game is nothing new.  Go back to playing GH3 on an XBox-Live enabled gamertag.  While playing in some venues, you can see the dynamic (changing) advertisements on the walls or on the buildings, changing with whatever is new at the time.  Now they are trying to patent a way to interact with those ads is simply nauseating, though



You can go back farther than that! Remember the ads in Jet Moto on the PS1? Or the ever changing/updating ads in SWAT 4, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter that Chrysler and Axe are big in Mexico! If you really want to go old school, I remember "saving" Kool-Aid points to get the Kool-Aid Man video game for Atari VCS!

But yeah, as somebody that owns both PS3 and a 360. PS3 interface wins hands down! 



Not if you can blow 'em up!



Airstrike confirmed.



Haha!  Now THAT'S an advertisement I can go along with. 

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