Microsoft Again Snubs Torrents



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Why should Microsoft worry about hosting a 2GB file when they could host a 100KB official torrent and save a few bucks? That really wasn't a smart move, Microsoft. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Ok it was one day late...but after that, there were no problems at all for anybody to download. It's so funny how people get all butt hurt about this. M$ knows it will end up on a torrent anyway so why would they bother. 


I am Recession Proof



Guys it's been on torrents for weeks if not months. In fact I'm pretty sure it was reported right here on MPC. It just wasn't M$ that uploaded it.

Is that a skin for  µtorrent or just a gadget?



I thought the same thing but don't forget that Microsoft originaly had set a limit on the number of downloads. Had the stuck to the limited download plan, officially supporting torrents would be a bad idea from their perspective.



i think this is one of those wtf moments where you have to wonder WHY?!?!? i mean arent a lot of large files of free software run off of torrent and directly downloadable?


I Jedi

I agree with the torrents idea and all that good jazz for W7, but couldn't someone just have uploaded the 32-bit and/or 64-bit version of W7 to a torrent site when they got it the day of the launch of W7 beta? I guess I'm not tracking too well on why someone in the community couldn't of done this right after the release? I mean, I get the arguemental point about Microsoft not doing it themselves to lessen the load on their servers, but common, is there really a need to scream about this? It is Microsoft after all that we're talking about here. Of course they're not going to publicy release their shit on a torrent site. At least, as far as I know as of right now or in the foreseeable future. 

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