Microsoft Advises Developers to Price their Mobile Apps High



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Stinky Fartface

There are a lot of apps in the Iphone store that shouldn't be more than $.99. I am glad that there is a marketplace for small software at this price. It is a constant annoyance to me that so many small Windows developers build some tiny, specialized app and want me to fork over $15 to $30 for it. There *should* be a good way to sell apps this cheaply on all platforms.

But I see the conundrum of trying to sell more expensive apps when there are so many cheap ones available. But that's the danger of a free market. If you build in enough extra functionality that customers see the value of your product, you can charge more. But don't try to pass off some 2-bit app for $10- it won't sell. And that is how it should be.



This is interesting, especially for me as a software developer. It echos the debate ranging among photographers over microstock.

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