Microsoft, Advertisers Join Forces To Bring Motion-Sensing NUAds To Xbox Live



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what if i just stare at it blankly? will that 30 second ad turn into a 5 minute ad because i refuse to answer it?



This just seems like a waste of money and time, just because the add is t here in your face doesn't even mean you will answer the question truthfully or even answer the question at all! Soon ads will be like they are in Futurama where your dreams are just a series of advertisements!



Coming soon: Blipverts.



John Pombrio

If you give the ads the finger, do they go away?



If only. I have Hulu Plus so I can stream to my TV, and I don't mind the ads except that I see the same ones over and over again on the same TV series. Then the unthinkable happened, I started getting POLITICAL ads about the Scott Walker recall vote through Hulu (yes I live in WI). That almost made me cancel their service but I hesitated and now the vote is done. I swear if I start seeing presidential ads I'm finished.



ROFL!!! I love it. If only they'd accept that kind of feedback. How about the mic triggers if the phrase, "Not this f*cking ad again" is uttered, so the company can know how many people they're driving insane?

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