Microsoft Admits Violating EU Agreement Over Browser Ballot, Blames 'Technical Error'



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So, if all smart phones used ARM CPUs, would the EU require the manufacturers to make the same model phone with different CPUs? I doubt they would. Or maybe they should make car manufacturers produce their cars with a variety of engines, just to be fair to the other car companies.

Its Microsoft's product, and they can do with it as they please. They aren't doing a public service, they are selling a product. They include the software they want to include because its up to them. Don't like it, don't buy it. The EU is retarded.



I don't understand why does Microsoft have to do that? I don't like ie but it's their OS and it comes with that browser, end of story.
If you don't like it then switch to a different one but don't make them be the ones responsible for telling you that there are other browsers out there.



With the financial issues the EU is having, I would be surprised if they didn't take the opportunity to fine Microsoft.



This whole browser ballot thing is retarded. Why have they not targeted Apple or any Linux distro? The browser "market" was becoming more diverse well before this thing came along, making the whole thing unnecessary. Do they know how many people are confused by this, or even really understand it?

If MS threatened to withdraw from Europe over this, I'd bet the EU commission would be singing a different tune.


Shadow Death

Yup, next thing you know they're going to start going after Dell, HP, Acer, etc for offering windows pre-installed. It all sounds like one big BS ploy so someone can get more money.



"Oh how could that have happened. It must have been a technical error."
*Wink, wink*



You are so right. Which is why Microsoft is the one that discovered it, the one that reported it, the one that sent new crap to the customers, and the one that offered to the EU to extend it for 15 months. If it was a wink-wink deal, none of this probably would have happened.


Jacob Stanbery

"If you know what I mean"

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