Microsoft Actually Not to Blame for Sidekick Data Loss



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Look, I'm not gonna say that it wasn't a failure of Sun software, Solaris, Linux, or Oracle, cause of course that is possible, but lets not assume that just because Microsoft says it's not their fault, and they point a finger at everything that isn't Microsofts' product (convienient how they didn't say "Oh, well, Solaris' ZFS filesystem failed" or "the Oracle database crapped out", or "Linux died...", they just pointed a finger at EVERY non-ms product in use...), and we are just supposed to believe it.

Sorry, I don't see it that way.  If they were managing the company (they were supposed to be), they are in fact responsible to at least have decently educated/skilled staff that can manage the systems, and also have good data integrity/redundancy.  I have to manage/fix/extend systems and software packages every day (I'm a programmer) that I didn't program, install, or even possibly have any prior knowlege about before having to deal with the problem at hand.  That DOESN'T make me NOT resposible if I didn't take proper precaution and I bork something up.

This is a pretty low move.  I hope people don't just believe the claims at face value, and at least hold MS responsible enough to document precisely what actually went wrong, and WHY.
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...then MS is responsible for what Danger does or does not do....If I own a Rottweiller that chews a kids leg off, can MS laywers get ME off the hook and sue the dog instead?


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



Wow, Apple Insider found a disgruntled former employee from Danger to say speculative negative things.  Well, that's just shocking.  And we all know Apple Insider is fair and balanced.  I mean just look at the name--very open to the PC...



Might as well try and get a fair and balanced opinion of the oposing party from a politician.

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