Microsoft: 240 Million Windows 7 Licences Sold in First Year



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I really only have two complaints. First off the poor network speed of Windows 7 came as a complete shock. I had the exact same experience when Vista was first launched and avoided that OS until it was fixed with SP1. Now it seems 7 has regressed and having the exact same problem with large file copies across a simple workgroup. Has anyone figured this out yet? If I have missed something, please enlighten me.

This brings me to my second complaint that ties into this story and some of the earlier comments. I was definitely forced into buying Windows 7 as I could not find a new computer without it. Yes I know I can build my own and put XP on it blah blah blah, but this particular client demands new computers to replace old ones and has a short approved supplier list.



First of all, you should have stated that you were forced to buy Win 7 if you wanted a window OS computer.  You could have talked your client into Linux or Mac so you really had a choice. 

Second, from one of my newsletters, they say turn off the HomeGroup function and use the old manual method.  With hand holding comes overhead.



Hey thanks for the suggestion about HomeGroup. Although I wasn't using it, I still turned it off. Still suffering from slow network but it does seem a little better. If I copy from my XP 32bit Pro box to the 7 64bit Pro box (ie using the XP desktop), the performance is as expected. However when I try and do the same process from the 7 desktop, the copy goes at a crawl and eventually dies if it is large copy. This is quite like the problem I had with Vista until SP1 when it was fixed.

I know there are several fixes on the web, but they are all "try this and see if it works" not "this is the solution". Just a bit frustrating as the settings should be optimized out of the box or at least documented on the MS site. Also frustrating that MaxPC said that the networking performance was actually improved.

As to your other comment, I suppose forced is a bit strong and I should have stipulated that Windows was necessary, but it is a bit flippant to assume that I could just switch a business over to Mac or Linux. Sure just replace the operating system or computer at 30 workstations and by the way that proprietary software you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on is now useless. Oh and also you need to retrain your 100 newbie staff members on a new system.



What do I like about Win7? Only everything. It just ... works. I've yet to encounter a problem of greater severity than "annoying". It runs all the programs I want it to run in a clean, pleasant environment. I bought the OEM version of Home Premium for a hundred bucks from Newegg, so the price point was right. The GUI is a HUGE step up from XP, which was the last OS I used. Win7 runs smoother and is ready to go almost off-the-line. (Back when I was using XP, I usually had to wait about a full minute after the OS booted before I could open my browser/email/instant messenger. Win7 usually takes 10-15 seconds.) DirectX 10 and 11 are awesome for gaming, so everything looks a little better in-game over XP. It's stable. It's fun to tweak and mess around with. The taskbar and Aero make everything easier to live with. The interface is more customizable than anything XP had to offer....

Come to think of it, other than a few minor hiccups I've had over the course of owning this OS for a year (it's still brand new--there are some bugs to work out), I can't think of a single thing I don't like about it. I can really tell that Redmond brought their A-game to the table with this one. This OS wasn't half-baked like Vista on launch day. Win7 was a fully-realized product that Microsoft seemed to realize would make or break them.

IMO, this helps to reestablish and reinforce their position at the front of the pack where they've always been. Nothing Apple or Linux has to offer seems to quite stack up to this one--and I've tried them all folks. Win7 is just ... win.



If stating the truth is trolling, you've got nothing to worry about  :/

I dual boot XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate...and no matter what you IMAGINE -- the facts are quite clear...XP is a far supieor OS.  Of couse, I have since removed Win 7 and all it's, shall we say, pipelines straight to MS.  If you like Win 7, I have no problem with that, I do however have a problem with an obvious troll... calling names.  At least have the courtesy to post regarding the original topic, rather than your infantile flaming.

As clearly stated in the article, MaxPC did not 'generate' this information, they simply posted it here for it'  There is nothing wrong with that what-so-ever.  My only "suggestion" was that MaxPC adds commentary to articles like this.  I fix computers for a living, and I can tell you with no fear of rebuttal, that XP is a much more stable, secure and faster OS....IF the user follows a very few simple precautions.  On the other hand, Windows 7, aside from it's completely idiotic interface, has serious security flaws that are obvious to anyone with any knowledge of software and it's relationship to the internet....and even MS themselves have admitted this...I refer to the .dll exploits inherent in EVERY MS OS to date.  The diference as I see it, is, that in Windows XP they are much easier to resolve.

Maximum PC themselves have posted numerous articles, discreetly alluding to these flaws.  As a very public organization, their hands are somewhat tied as to what they CAN or cannot say....mine are not.

If you do not like or want to hear the truth, then by all means don't listen.  When I set up someones computer with Windows XP, a decent security package, a few ports disabled and a reliable full image backup system, I never get call backs.  This is definitely NOT the case with Windows 7.  Steve Ballmer himself, even admitted Vista was a complete failure.  Moreso, as I have already stated, Windows 8 purported plans to store YOUR user acct in the CLOUD, should arose any sane persons suspicions.  I can just see the hackers rubbing their hands together with glee at this leaked news.

But don't let me or my experiences stop you or anyone else from using w/e OS you desire to use...after 10 years of Windows XP Pro use, I have still, never gotten a virus or a trojan, or any other kind of malware, and I DO surf EVERYwhere...even the sites my browser reports as attack sites.  I can also boot faster to XP than to Windows 7, and every benchmark I run, still shows XP as the faster of the two OS's.

Facts are...simply that...facts.  You Mr. Caboose can believe w/e you choose to believe, that's your right.  But I would appreciate YOU sticking to the posted topic and refraining from infantile does nothing more than waste space on this website.



Bullwinkle J Moose

You are not allowed under current law to enter into a licensing agreement that violates other peoples copyrights and/or patents

Microsoft has a LONG history of losing lawsuits by others claiming that Microsoft stole their intellectual property and used it in XP / Vista and now Windows 7

Untill we can see the source code, your Licence cannot be legally honored

Just use a volume licenced copy of XP untill this is cleared up

Microsoft claims that volume licenced copies of XP are ILLEGAL even though they are the only versions that Microsoft does not control with spyware

Learn what security professionals have known for years...

The only secure version of Windows is the one Microsoft falsly claims is illegal


The only Gov't spyware infested copies are the ones that Microsoft claims are LEGAL

I personally choose security over Microsoft Lies!

Sue me tuff guy!




I think your tinfoil hat is on a little too tight!



I was very reluctant to leave XP.  I kept Vista around to mess with but stuck with XP.  The main reason I went to Windows 7 was because it was tolerable and I'd get DX10 support. I like that Windows 7 feels snappier, more efficient, more stable and more modern than XP but which I could XP-ify the interface somewhat more.

I dislike the jump list and Start menu style. Multi-user environments are a pain for basic tasks (e.g. install app for all users only to find it's not in the other user's menu).  On occasion, licensing data and installation files aren't available equally for all users. The search features are poor with indexing, without indexing it's complete crap. UAC is irritating, there really should be more detailed per-app controls.

All in all, they've done a bang-up job and finally released a Windows version I'd feel comfortable recommending to a neophyte. For the most part - it just works. 



i like the fact that windows 7 loader works even before windows 7 started selling.


And it still works now for ALL versions. Hope windows 8 loader will work



They sold 240 million in the first year?  Well, come on guys, break out the numbers.  How many were sold as the Home Premium version, how many Professional versions, how many Ultimate versions.  How many of the other versions which were sold such as the developing world or enterprise use versions?


Let the consumer see what was the most bought version was and what was the least bought version.  That may help us decide on which one to buy, or maybe yet, let us know that the other least bought version is not worth the cost.


I love numbers, but when anyone points out just a total, it always hides something.



"Let the consumer see what was the most bought version was and what was the least bought version.  That may help us decide on which one to buy, or maybe yet, let us know that the other least bought version is not worth the cost."


If you're in the business world, you'll use Windows 7 Professional.

If you're a home user, you'll use Windows 7 Home Premium.

At the retail level, you've got 3 choices. Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium. I don't see a home user needing more than... Home Premium, unless you're a special power user then go Ultimate. If you're in IT, then Professional or Ultimate.

It's not that difficult.



"If you're in the business world, you'll use Windows 7 Professional."  Not true, it depends on the application of the system.  Example if you are using a computer to run a vacuum sealer, SMA label maker, Laser printer (actual laser beam if you did not know) then having Windows 7 is not a need.  So it depends on equipment, not just a blanket statement like "the business world"

"If you're a home user, you'll use Windows 7 Home Premium."  Again not true, legal attorneys always need Professional versions or higher for doing work at home, VPN is not a legal privitized network connection, read the statutes under Federal Law.

"It's not that difficult."  Let's stop with generalizations and get to facts. If it's not that difficult then post it.



Ok, You asked how many of each version was sold to determine which version you should buy. My "blanket statements" are quite valid, had you cited specific examples where certain versions of the OS are required, then my answer would have been different.

Business computers are sold with Win7 Professional (unless they come loaded with Vista Business or WinXP Pro). I bet you anything, that the system running the vacuum sealer, SMA label maker, Laser printer (actual laser beam if you did not know), would come with Windows 7 Professional. Unless the person that purchased the system bought a PC intended for a home user. Most business machines come with a minimum 3yr warranty (Notice I said MOST and not ALL).

As for your attorney statement. Unless they are a "work from home self employeed" kinda attorney, then their PC would be supplied to them by their lawfirm. And if the IT department didthe purchasing (and had any sort of clue) it would be a business machine running, you guessed it, Windows 7 Professional.

If my parents buy a computer from $Generic BigBox Store, then it will come with Windows 7 Home Premium. 9 times out of 10, that is how it is configured.

Win7 Professional is designed for the bussiness world, and includes features and functions that will be used in the business world. Home Premium doesn't include most of these features!



you are the exeact kind of idiot who bought Vista 64-bit on day on and then complained about it not have drivers.



   First off I was one of the members of the Alpha/Beta testing team members. This is BY far the best work done by Micorosoft since Windows NT4 pro. I, as well as other members of our team have gotten
the outline for the first Alpha of Windows 8, and IT looks SWEET! And DON'T be expecting a service pack for Windows 7 (Unless Cosmedic) because there is NOTHING whatsover to fix in Windows 7! (hence the fast upcoming release of Windows 8) We've already been contacted by Microsoft to be one of the outside groups to run Windows 8 through it's paces.

One thing you won't see EVER as long as Microsoft uses groups of outside testers is another Windows XP, or Vista debacle. I know quite alot of you like(d) XP, but all in all it wasn't as solid as it could be.
We intend to take Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer to WHAT They should be. *side note* Be ready for the release of the next itteration of Microsoft Office...YOU are going to love it. BTW the one
little thing MPC should of made clear was with their Windows 7 on a USB key, YOU really need the full
version of Windows 7 Ultimate edition DVD to make it work, the Upgrade from Vista is missing some key files that prohibit being able to do it. I can only assume MPC used the missing files that are found on the upgrade version of Windows 7 with their counterpart (files) on a full version Windows Vista disc. BUT it will work.



Well, there's already one service pack:
It's impossible to write such a massive piece of code without any error.



Microsoft did not force anybody to do anything! Who forced this issue was the consumer who were tired of XP, didn't like Vista, and has no desire to learn Linux (or any other alternative OS, or buy a Mac...period!



Microsoft "forced" retailers and businesses to purchase 240 million licenses in the first year, or else they would have to pay through the nose for them.

I don't mind people liking windows 7, but for MAX PC to post topics like this, w/o including the how's and why's is, IMO less than stellar reporting.  Why weren't all the facts included in this topic, like:

74% of businesses run Windows XP....MS was sued and lost, for browbeating retailers into forcing Win 7 on consumers....etc.?

I know these facts were posted before...but leaving them OUT of this post almost makes MS look like a kindly old grandpa, instead of the ruthless, half illegal company they are.

Please keep this in mind when you post the topic for the leaked Windows 8 information.   Like having your user account in the CLOUD is actually a very stupid thing to do, unless of course you WANT MS  to know everything there is to know about you and then sell that info to the highest bidder.

I know this is a good magazine and is only reporting, what has been found elsewhere on the web.  However, it also gives the people that go by what you post, the impression that there are no downsides to Win 7 or the supposedly new features of Win 8. 

I think a better job could be done with this adding a commentary that includes the good and the bad.

Otherwise keep up the good work.





Why can't you go troll somewhere else? You've got such a hardon for Windows XP it's almost pathetic!

Yes, you love Windows XP more than life itself, but honestly, you were banned once, why risk it again?



Does it get lonely in your cave?



Is he in a cave or under a bridge? I always imagine trolls with nordic myths.



ha. good one.

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