Microsoft’s MED-V Beta Allows you to run old apps in Vista



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Maybe too little too late for now. But for the future it shows potential. If they carry the concept over for when the next os breaks vista apps(and we all know somewhere down the line this will happen), it could potentially save alot of headaches for comapnies with vista apps, even users who like playing old games (like me).



A bit late; yes absolutly.  But think about it.  Windows 7 is basickly still Vista.  Anything that still doesn't work with Vista likely won't work with Windows 7 either.  This is a great way for Microsoft to get people to finaly upgrade from their XP boxes and buy a new OS.  Of course I'm asuming that MED-V will be used for both Vista and Windows 7; otherwise I take everything back, and Microsoft is retarded.



...everything in the upcoming should have been in Vista.....for $400 dollars  thats the least MS could have done.  MS has detroyed customer confidence, and I don't see them gettin it back anytime soon.  All this rushing out Windows 7 is just the same old story all over again.  It's still just XP  with bells and whistles.

Sure XP rollout wasn't perfect, but niether was it the absolute mess that Vista was/is.  Windows 7 is going to be exactly the same.  People are now wise to MS and have realized  (some the hard way) that MS doesnt care about its customers wants or desires.

MS needs to learn to give the people what they want....especially at such exhorbitant costs!  Until they do that, 15K layoffs is going to be the least of their problems.

The ONLY smart thing they have done in 8 years is extend XP's life cycle...and they didn't even do that for any honorable reasons.....they did it to hang on to what dwindling customer interest still remains.

Until computer languages advance far beyond where they stand now, MS is simply beating a dead horse....XP IS the best that they can be at this time.  No amount of hype or clever commercials is going to save them this time.

When large corporations and entire governments say NO TO's a good time for MS to step back and LISTEN!



windows 7 is not XP with bells and whistles. The taskbar was improved and is much faster than vista.



It took a long time for large corporations and entire governments to switch to XP.

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