Microsoft’s Long Rumored Cloud OS May Finally Have a Name



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Keith E. Whisman

I don't like the idea of not having the OS resident on my PC as it gives MS complete control over how I use my PC. If they don't like what I'm doing they can ban me. They can ease drop on what I'm doing on my PC anytime and even record everything I do without me knowing and without me having anything to do about it. MS can use the information that they get from me and sell it and use it for advertising and marketing. I don't like the idea of people making rich off of me by selling information on me while I'm paying them for the opprotunity. It's a great deal for MS and a shitty deal for me. Also how would I install third party programs like games and older software? Again it's up to MS what I do. It's a lose lose situation for us and a win win situation for MS and companies that go this route. 

We need to tell them NO FREAKING WAY!

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