Michael Dell: Post PC My Ass



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This is MAXIMUM PC not MAXIMUM MAC. I despise mac's and I know atleast a dozen people who own macs'. I have my personal reason to dislike them (any apple product). If I wanted to know all the news about crapple products I would goto mac sites. Not PC sites. So yes, by nature this site is anti-apple.

Post-PC? partially. For some people who only require simple internet tasks, they don't need a large PC taking up desk space. I do recommend a nice Android tablet. So for those albeit few) people, this is the post-pc era for them.  However PC's are not dieing, never will. The utility and a host of other reasons people list, are the reason why this isnt any post-pc era. My tablet, my smartphone, my NAS, my HTPC my Server, my Laptop and my 2 PC's work in unison to give me every available benefit of computing. I will never get rid of any of them. They work in harmony and unison TOGETHER.



my other computers are compliments to my MAIN PC, no matter whether thats an HTPC, my celly, my work laptop, or my NAS box.



Any of you "editors" or "journalists" here care to ever enlighten us as to what you think "Post PC" really means? 

Anyone?? We live in a post-landline world. Does this mean that no one will use home or business phones anymore??? We live in a post-print world... If PCs are trucks, as Jobs said, does that mean that trucks are no longer necessary for certain tasks? You'd think that self-proclaimed geeks and power-users would actually get such an analogy, but no: it came from an Apple rep so it's immediately relative to some imaginary war or debate.

Yeah, I'm quite certain too that the whole industry took seriously a piece entitled "Post PC My Ass." Then again, you people really do live in an alternate reality believing only what you want. It's not even the same as "Mac Heads," as this current staff constantly refers to entire segments of the population. Fox News of Tech--By the Trolls/For the Trolls. Feel free to use that if you wish...free of charge.

The problem isn't with the term Post PC. The problem is with people who don't know anything about language. Like the Latin-influence that brought it to where it is now. The problem is with irrational "professionals" spouting off op-ed in what is disguised as "tech news." (Gordon's rants are op-ed. No problem. I'm talking about the near-daily drivel on here lately like Chacos' recent "reporting"  on customer satisfaction in the PC world.)



This entire article was objective statements about one prominent man in the PC sector and his claims regarding the term "Post-PC." I don't see how this relates to an imaginary war on Macs.

The analogy between trucks and PCs is, I think, irrelevant. One can think of this as PCs being large (whether this means slow, bulky, or otherwise inconvenient) and not for the average user. Thus, the PC is labeled as a specialized utility for professional work only, and otherwise too expensive, slow, etc. for the common man. This is in direct contrast to Mac's self-portrayal : the slim, sleek Macs that are ever-so-affordable and convenient with its built in software. To use this as a claim of MaxPC's biased POV is completely irrational, because the POV of Apple is just as biased. A war on who is better has no winner, and neither side is somehow free of guilt, and to expect that either should be is somewhat ignorant.

You have an issue with the usage of "Post-PC", because you seem to feel that MaxPC is defining words in a biased way (or not defining at all, merely accepting as fact a biased definition). This is also irrelevant; anybody can see that Post-PC is meant to refer to a point in time where the PC is in fact a specialized tool, not used by many average consumers, and a comparable market share is held by non-PC computing devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) Obviously, one can interpret that to be now, or perhaps a long time from now, depending on how one measures the acceptance, usage, and comparison of the two.

However, post-landline is applicable today because landlines are being dropped; phone books are essentially forgotten. More and more people get cell phones every day, and more and more replace their landline with a cell line. Landline phones are being pushed back into call centers, offices, and stores, where their only usage is to receive incoming calls and, in many cases, automate sending/receiving of messages. This same functionality is being replicated in email, live chat, and the knowledge available on the Internet, and therefore landline phones are becoming even less popular.

PCs may or may not be facing the same fate today, but this is hard to measure. When you can honestly say that most of the people you know use their tablets and smartphones more than their PCs, going so far as to abstain from buying new ones or selling their old one, then you can say the PC is falling out of "fashion" so to speak.

If you have an issue with the way MaxPC represents the perceived threat to the popularity of the PC, that is an individual belief that has nothing to do with whether or not MaxPC spreads misinformation and ignorant beliefs. The PC is in fact being replaced by the smartphone and tablet in some cases, and how one takes that is one's own choice. Fox, on the other hand, has specifically denied all logic and caused multiple huge, violent arguments on TV. A simple argument of Bill O'Reilly vs Richard Dawkins, or Fox's comments on atheism, are obvious examples of biased attacks on reasonable people. MaxPC attacks Macs for expensive, proprietary designs, poor information provided to customers, and many flaws found to be unacceptable to PC users. These issues can be seen as benefits for Mac users, in that no choice of incomprehensible differences is required; it simply works without effort.



Sorry, I didn't see this when I last posted. (I didn't really want to look at comments I had already read and/or responded to. My fault.) I do appreciate your input on how post-PC is defined.

The landline is not obsolete. Print is most definitely not obsolete or being phased out. Perhaps my analogies are imperfect (they are analogies.)

There is no reason or logic in Ung's interpretation of the words post-PC (or as the editors here keep letting it go as: Post PC.) Apple still markets and updates its desktop computers, so you can be certain that that's not the way they see it either. Just part of an imaginary "war" that needs to be fought by people who can't fight more worthy causes.

"MaxPC attacks Macs for expensive, proprietary designs, poor information provided to customers, and many other flaws found to be unacceptable to PC users."

It's funny you mentioned PC-users. Did you see one of Lily's latest headlines contrasting PC users with "Mac Heads?" No it's not just a war against computers/devices that no one is being forced to buy, it's constant attacks against people who use such devices. If you're missing it all because you're not affected say the word and I'll refresh you with numerous recent examples of this.

"Attacks against reasonable people:" I know many Mac-users. They're not Mac Heads or sheep or whatever other derogatory shit someone here says about them. They are human beings. Most of them did not buy something because it was shiny or it would make them look cool. Many of them (like myself) also use Windows PCs. They're not at Starbucks surfing the 'net with a MBP because they want to impress you or others. I'm usually doing it for the battery-life which you can not get from any PC laptop and my Dell/Alienware is impractical for such a purpose.

I can give you twelve good reasons why I chose a MBP over PC laptops for certain uses. I really don't have to because it is no one's business but my own why I make product choices with my income. It's not some Fox News commentator's business why people are different either...but they are commentators. Not journalists. Journalists don't use headlines like the ones I described in my last post down there.

If Maximum PC was commentary then fine. But Gordon Mah Ung and others here always described themselves as journalists. (Yes, I listen to the podcast too.) This sort of "journalism" is like Bill O'Reilly or Keith Olbermann pretending to be anchors rather than commentators.


I Jedi

No offense, but that long as rant left me with more questions than insight into how someone else views problems with managment at MaximumPC. Personally, these are journalist, so to rant about some Fox News conspiracy in conjuction with MxPC is absurd because these editors have a right to post their opinions, own language, and ideology. Not even I agree with everything written on every single issue, IT news article, etc, but I definitely don't try to link them (journalist at MaximumPC) with Faux News.



Comparison to Fox News: reporting what you want with a bias and obvious partisanship. I actually think Fox goes a bit farther out of its way to pretend it's professional and not biased. (There's an exception for the commentators like O'Reilly/Gordon Mah Ung. If it's stated as op-ed then it's op-ed.)

I'm not offended that you would call something articulated in plain English a rant. I hope you're not offended that I think yo can't or won't read/comprehend it.

Now if you and anyone else don't mind, I've addressed this to the author of the article and/or the staff. Thank you.


I Jedi

Then you would do well to email the staff, not post your rant on a public commenting system. Herp derp.



Yeah, because the staff never reads or interacts with its readership here. Gordon Mah Ung has resoponded to my comments here recently. So has Michael Brown.

You dismiss that which you don't like or agree with as a rant. You forgot to also call me a troll and a fanboy. Then you will have decisively proven my rant wrong.

My rant is commentary. This is the place for commentary on articles. Anything else besides not answering what post-PC means for the staff, I Jedi?



I Jedi

"Yeah, because the staff never reads or interacts with its readership here. Gordon Mah Ung has resoponded to my comments here recently. So has Michael Brown."

Contradictory, and bad form if it's suppose to be an ironical statement.

"You dismiss that which you don't like or agree with as a rant. You forgot to also call me a troll and a fanboy. Then you will have decisively proven my rant wrong."

I don't care to get into a flame war, but I think you're being a bit obnoxious. If you had a complaint against the staff, you should have wrote them, not left a whole paragraph on a commenting system. My point before stands. Also, I enjoy people who give counter-points, as it helps me reaffirm my position or change it, if I see cause.

"My rant is commentary. This is the place for commentary on articles. Anything else besides not answering what post-PC means for the staff, I Jedi?"

You got mad because the author added in a word and two letters - Post-PC, and you entirely ignored the rest of the article; therefore, it's not commentary about the article, but a direct rant against the staff. You seem to be under the delusion that MxPC has an agenda to misinform and misguide their users, and that you need to call them out on their BS, as you were referring to earlier. Are you sure you're not working for Politico?



NOTE: This post is regarding the argument only, not the contents of the original comment (which is higher in the tree of replies).

"Yeah, because the staff never reads or interacts with its readership here."
This is sarcasm. The "yeah" and/or "never" are meant to be emphasized, I believe.

Firstly, every person has a right to state their opinions in a comment, irregardless of relevance or otherwise. It was not a complaint at the staff, it was a disagreement with a single writer's writing style and opinions.

And yes, the original comment is indeed a rant. A lengthy post was written regarding the ideology of PC-centrism, when this article was specifically (and somewhat objectively) about another person's own blog post regarding the term "Post-PC" applied to the modern day environment.



Fair enough, thetechchild. Back to you I guess, I Jedi:

Those who post unprofessional baiting story headlines like "Post PC My Ass," "Apple's Weaksauce Back to School Promotions," "...Mac Heads...Windows Users...," etc. are indeed irrational overgrown trolls in the guise of "journalists." If people were posting this sort of garbage on a Mac-centric site it would be the same. It's not delusion, I Jedi. I have and will demonstrate again and again that this publication has an agenda to misinform and misguide its users. It wasn't always so, but it sure is under the current leadership.

If Gordon Ung really believes that, as this author stated, "The PC community has already begun rallying around Gordon's impassioned "Post PC My Ass" blog post" (sounds like certain people have some terribly inflated egos to go ahead and make that great of an assumption) then why can neither he, you, nor the author of this article demonstrate to me that you even know what post-PC means? It can't even be demonstrated that such a "community" even took notice of anything with a title like that.

Here's some of my op-ed: it seems to me that many here (staff) are striving dilligently to develop their own little cult. (Maybe a counter-cult to the "Mac cult" both real and imagined?) It seems to me that somebody here is in search of disciples. Well if this is the case, as I perceive it, those who seek disciples should expect the occasional detractor as well. This detractor has raised a fair point time and time again: does the master, his minions (staff,) or any of his disciples even know what they're talking about in relation to the term post-PC??

...as long as the rants are coming from the master they are gospel. If one person comes upon this site to challenge the master, his/her counterpoints can just be dismissed as rants (irony) with no need to intelligently address the counterpoints at all.

It seems we're trying awfully hard here to make Michael Dell's general comments look like they are in response to some half-assed-thought-out blog/rant entitled Post PC My Ass. I'm sure Dell will go on record as saying he even read that. I can't imagine any self-respecting CEO would want their name/reputation put to a title like that.


I Jedi

"...there's no flame-war here. Just me waiting patiently for a response to what post-PC means. Period."

If you want a response from the MaximumPC staff, you'd do better to actually write them a piece of REAL mail, not an email and/or posting on a commentary board.

"It's not delusion, I Jedi. I have and will demonstrate again and again that this publication has an agenda to misinform and misguide its users. It wasn't always so, but it sure is under the current leadership."

This is a PC oriented website. It DOESNT mean that they hate Macs, but their aim is to please the PC user, NOT Mac users. They DO have a Mac website, which you can find here: http://www.maclife.com/

"Here's some of my op-ed: it seems to me that many here (staff) are striving diligently to develop their own little cult."

I have never seen such things before on MaximumPC. Yes, they do add in their own language about hating Macs, but refer to my above answer WHY that happens. If they are trying to form a cult, they sure aren't doing a good job at it, imo. Besides, there's NOTHING wrong with healthy competitiveness. Now, if MaximumPC goes beyond just bashing Macs, and starts telling users to destroy Mac-related websites, I'd say you'd have a case.

"...as long as the rants are coming from the master they are gospel. If one person comes upon this site to challenge the master, his/her counterpoints can just be dismissed as rants"

That's further from the truth. There have been times when, on this very website, I have disagreed openly, as have others, with the articles some journalist have wrote in the past. For example, one of the normal journalists, Paul, wrote an article about Google over a year ago. While I forget what the content held, I can clearly remember others not being too thrilled with what he wrote. Finally, you being "attacked" by the loyalist of MaximumPC is nothing more than a facade on your part.

How you can honestly take a few words that these editors say, and spin it into this conspiracy of a cult, which is hell bent against Macs is beyond even me. Again, no one here is countering your arguments because you are "rising" against what you see to be a biased website full of journalist, no. I am countering you because your opinions don't support the evidence.

Yes, Gordon does hate Macs, yes they (journalist) do post articles geared towards PC users (duh), but they do own a Mac website, which is fully supported by other journalist.  Again, and this is the point you need to understand, I am not against you because you think I'm a loyal subject of his king MaximumPC. I am against you because you bring an argument here that doesn't support the facts. You take tidbits of words and information, and spin it off into this conspiracy theory about the direction MaximumPC is trying to go in, which is a cult. Well, frankly, it's not a cult, it's a community of PC users, who share something in common.

I have been reading MaximumPC, subscribing to their magazine, and listening to their podcasts for well over two years now. I PROMISE you that I have never seen any indication of what you are trying to make the argument for, which is a cult community by MaximumPC staff and members against Mac users. If, at the end of this, you still see your ways as the right ways, I fully encourage you to write them, not email them. Call them out on what you believe to be a BS practice. I gaurantee you they'll either respond with a nice letter, laugh it up and place it on a board in their office, or simply ignore it in an attempt to secretly convert all of us here into their cult.




Sorry for deleting the first quotation you referred to. I had to because I missed a post that was posted later that actually did attempt to discuss what post-PC means. You seem like a reasonable person, I Jedi. Perhaps when I say "you" I should think of a more generic term that is less personal.

I know this is a PC-oriented website. I don't come here to read reviews on the latest MacBook Airs either. (I go to other sites for Mac-related stuff.) I would really not care if they just talked crap about Apple/Macs if it didn't take a personal tone directed at all of their users, or Mac Heads as they are referred to over and over here. (Windows-users are users though, huh?) This is completely unprofessional and unbefitting of anyone that is not an op-ed commentator. Even then IDK. Maybe it's not like Don Imus calling people nappy-headed hos. ;)

Another example just from the last day or two: Read that recent story by Brad Chacos where he slipped in his potshot at Mac-users. It was supposed to be about customer satisfaction in the PC world. Since Apple (as it always seems to) actually had the best service or whatever according to some survey this "journo" decided to add this bullshit: "One PC supplier stood out from the crowd however..." (interesting when he entitled the piece "PC Suppliers Come Out Pretty Much Equal...") "apparently, all it takes to keep Apple customers happy is to offer next to no customization options, overpriced customer support, and a 2011 lineup that removed the optical drive from the Mac mini." That was just some trolling crap pasted into a story that he must have been told to run because there was a nearly identical one on Mac|Life. Yet the Mac|Life journos saw no need basically to call "Windows Heads" stupid for buying computers from vendors that offer crappy support after the sale. I'm a "commentator" so I will. I was stupid to pay twice as much for my PC as my Mac now that I've seen that even "premium branded-PC makers" treat their customers like shit after they get their money. Should've known better.

I have to disagree with you; I'm not spinning conspiracy-theories. People can be assholes to others as they wish. I often do so in comments like these. Here's the difference: I'm not collecting a paycheck for all of this typing. My profession is not that of a journalist. Neither is anyone here that refers to users as Mac Heads and makes them out to be idiots in what is supposed to be reporting. This is all I really wish to convey to the rational here: this site is being run by unobjective and asinine commentators trying to pass trolling and name-calling off as tech news. I'm certain most would get that if it was coming from "the other (imaginary) side." But it never really does, does it? 




Why don't you actually build your own computer rather than buying one from a vendor? Most people have known for years that even "premium" pc manufacturers suck when it comes to customer service, but several component manufacturers do not. You will save yourself money by building your own pc rather than buying one from any vendor and you will have the personal knowledge that you worked on and configured the computer to your liking.




I prefer laptops.

But building a PC makes the most sense to me as well if I were presently considering a desktop. Thanks for your good-natured reply.

(As you can see I bookmarked stuff like this and randomly check back when I'm bored or doing other tasks on my computers!)



Even IF Dell wanted to acquire HPs PC business they know just as well as we know that it would be impossible.  Not only is HP asking an absurd amount but due to monopolistic problems associated with the two largest PC business going in together DOJ, FTC, and every other organization would put a halt to it.  In other words stop thinking that will happen.

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