Michael Dell Loves Windows 8, But Not Android



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When you release shitty devices with shitty skins, you'll get shitty returns.  They should have released stock Android on killer hardware at reasonable prices and they would have flew off the shelves.

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I think that when Windows 8 tablets hit the stores there will be a initial surge of sales from the people who want one specifically because it's running Windows 8 but I think that surge will be short lasting.  Once the techies buy theirs then they somehow need to convince the average tablet user why they should buy a Windows based tablet over an iPad or android one.  I'm sorry, but Windows will never have the cool factor that Apple has at the moment so unless they plan on starting a real price war I don't see that happening.



Except for productivity purposes. I would think that all Windows programs can be updated to work with Windows 8 easily than to port it to another platform.



They don't need to be updated. I am running Win8 64 Beta and EVERYTHING WORKS, every game, application, and program. If it works on Win7, it works on Win8.



Yes Dell just wants to sell product and he thinks a Windows tablet will make him some big dollars when and if they put out Windows 8. He won't be smiling for long though when it goes over like Windows Phone 7 and Zune. I am playing with Win8 Dev. Preview and like many others I don't care for it. As is I think this could be the biggest MS disaster yet unless there are some serious changes.



I think Windows 8 has real potential for tablets.  Android has been rather unimpressive, and I have no interest in joining the cult of Apple.  But Windows 8 is a full-featured OS built with tablet accessibility in mind.  As a programmer and power user, that appeals to me.



dell has been a windows shop for so long I doubt if they even have seen an android device up close in thier labs

i would not expect anything else to be said from dell- other than they would fully support anything from microsoft. they waxed poetic over ME, enthused over Vista now they are happily exclaiming the benefits of 8

all because they realise that consumers will have no choice when 8 comes out. all dells will be loaded with it - whether they want it or not.

oh - and don't mention about the linux options- when they consistently came in with a higher cost (when the os was free to dell) anyone who used linux just bought the windows machine and did a wipe /reinstall.




There was nothing wrong with Vista that better drivers from Nvidia and creative would not have fixed. Those two companies alone accounted for 40% of the problems with Vista as they just repackaged their beta drivers as their final release drivers, and did no work to improve on them and make sure they actually functioned as intended. When I replaced my Nvidia graphics card and Creative sound card with an AMD graphics card and a Razer sound card, my Vista install stabilised. Go figure. Also, there is nothing worng with the Windos 8 interface, I happen to like it fo rone, and remember it is pre beta, so it will change and morph before it hits RTM. Also, one good thing about Win8 is you have a laptop, desktop, phone tablet, and device running it, you only need one machine with the software installed and can share across all your win8 devices. Cannot do that with Android or iOS



People fail to realize the garbage that ships with OEM computers. Those things, despite being annoying, help keep the price of the PC pretty low.

Vista wasn't a bad OS either. I ran it for a couple of years before moving on to Windows 7. It was poor drivers and extremely low end configs WITH crapware that were to blame for the poor performance.

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