Michael Dell Confirms First U.S. Smartphone Coming in 2010 and Talks About Future Strategies



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I 100% agree. I refuse to buy a dell and I discourage everyone I can to buy elsewhere. So far I have cost Dell over 100 sales and I am damn well proud of it.

Mr Dipshit...er...Dell, first off, I'm a power user but my wife is not. We both happen to LOVE our ACER netbook as it does what it's supposed to do and it suits our needs for basic pc functions such as paying bills and simple lookups on google. You say the screen is too small after 36 hours? Well, we have had ours for 6 months and to tell you, the screen is just fine. I just prefer my desktop for gaming and video/audio editing.

Also, if you bring your craptacular smartphone to the U.S., it will be just another smartphone I will not purchase. I will actually go out of my way to buy your competition's phone. Take that Dell....I know you don't care because I'm just 1 guy...but this one guy has alot of influence over many...







 Who cares about Dell?


They recieved millions in tax dollars from North Caronlina to build a plant, then 4 years later they tell everyone they are moving the work from the plant in NC to Mexico.




They have every Right to do this. But nearly 1000 people are going jobless just before Christmas and there really aren't other places these employees can go for work.


I guess you could say "you aren't a real computer company these days if you are using American workers".


I'm tired of companies not putting America first.


The Ultimate Chiller



American companies only care about enriching the stockholders.  Anything they do for community is purely marketing. The United States Gov't gives companies tax incentive to offshore.  There is no loyalty to America.  It's about money and that's it. The American consumer, generally, only cares about quality and price.   

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