MetroPCS Expands 4G LTE to Four New Territories



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I've been with Metro for just about 2 years now and I have no complaints. Service has been stellar for me the entire time and I can probably count on one hand how many calls I have had dropped in that time, and I'm not entirely sure it was on my end.  Sure, the internet on 1x isn't fast, but then until recently the ONLY thing I used the internet for on my WM phone was to activesync my contacts and calendar contents from my Google Apps account. I recently switched to one of the new Android phones (the Optimus M) and am loving it. I still don't browse the web on it, and never will. I do use the internet to read feeds (MPC among them!) when killing time in line, and the 1x is still plenty fast enough for my needs. I laugh when I read about people paying 30 bucks for "unlimited (but really limited) data". My entire BILL is only 50 bucks, and that includes unlimited talk, text and data. That said, in a year or so, I may go ahead and get an LTE Android phone. 

All I can say is I'm glad Metro is around. They have been a huge boon to my budget, and I lose nothing.

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