Up Close With Meridian’s $185,000 4096x2160 Pixel Projector -- 10 Megapixel Cinema Blows Us Away



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Meridian sells Faroudja video, so this isn't a huge surprise.  Both companies are known for doing a lot of science in their products. Faroudja has been making video scalers from the bad old NTSC days, and Meridian created MLP, the lossless codec in the DVD format (I bet you didn't know there was one did you?).

I saw a similarly expensive set-up in 2003, put on by Krell and Faroudja.  The display - 1080p.  So expect 4k to be available by 2011 and widely used by 2013.  Just note that you need a big display for this to make a difference, think 65" or larger.


Talcum X

 I'd like to see this compared to the Sony G90.  That projector blew me away years ago when I got to sit down and watch star wars ep1 in a mini theater.  That was indistinguishable from film and that was pre-blue ray/HD-DVD.  With todays content, you could chage your friends to watch stuff at your place.  The G90 retailed for about 50K ,I think, at the time.


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