Memory Chip Makers Look to Reduce Costs by Asking Workers to Take Unpaid Leave



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Sure better than

  1. Losing your job completely.
  2. Getting a pay cut and still keeping same hours. 
  3. Losing any additional benifits from the company.

If only more companies would do this rather than lay off so many people...



I was coming to post that same thought.  Of all the available options, this one seems the most respectful to their work force, too bad most companies think of their employees as assets to be disposed of on a whim.  I always wondered how many companies that go through huge layoffs could keep the employees and go forward if the entire executive staff took a sizable pay cut.  But, they would NEVER do something so altrustic, of course.



definitly agree here

"Dear employeesdue to the global finincal crisis we are forced to take drastic action. We could lay you off but we though we would present you a option to keep your jobs. Simpley choose one work day a week to take a unpaied vacation and you can continue working here at your regular rate"

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