MegaUpload Data Safe and Sound for at Least Two More Weeks



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Loss of data (For ANY reason) under the terms of service at Megaupload was YOUR fault, not theirs!

...and certainly not the FBI's

MegaUpload clearly warned users not to keep a sole copy of material on the site expressly informed users through its Frequently Asked Questions and its Terms of Service that users have no proprietary interest in any of the files on Megaupload’s servers, they assume the full risk of complete loss or unavailability of their data, and that Megaupload can terminate site operations without prior notice

This isn't just MegaUpload's Policy..

This is basically the same Policy at ALL the Major Upload Services

The servers could have been deleted yesterday and those complaining would still have no valid claim..... against ANYONE!

Don't these whiners read the T.O.S. agreements when they do business online?

Read the excellent DigitalTrends article called>

Upload at your own risk: Most cloud storage services offer no data guarantee

then quit your whining!



All that porn is like an 90 year old on life support.



America seriously wants to start another war eh? Damn corrupted American politicians...

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