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WTH do you need 120 hz refresh rate for anyways?? Have you ever tried to watch a movie on 120hz? Looks like crapola! So this is like a hybrid television? I thought for a sec the article was mistakenly interchanging the two terms LCD and LED and then I realized he was only referring to the LEDs as a backlight source... lame. I'm waiting for OLEDs or just nonorganic LED display before i chuck more dough at that dept. Hooray for innovation.. but make sure we focus on the all important image quality aspect of a display for crying out loud. LCDs are crap for color correction in videos and photo editing! Of course i bought and LCD tv and monitor.. but mostly for the fact that they have longer life spans than plasma, DLPs, etc., and don't really need any maintenance. Not to mention the 4:3 format is blagh!


Number Six

While I will agree some movies appear better with 120Hz disabled, 120Hz is the best for sports.  It's a great feature of modern-day LCDs, and you shouldn't knock it unless you've lived with it for a period of time.

>>LCDs are crap for color correction in videos and photo editing!<<

Who does this with an LCD TV?  I think you're the one confusing computer monitors with LCD TVs.  You really need to read up on the technology before you call the author "lame."



Number Six

To be that thin, it's an edge LED backlight.  Edge backlight designs cannot perform local dimming and do not have as good uniformity as full-frame backlights.  So, to get razor-think bragging rights you have to trade off image quality... and pay a premium to boot.




I'd like to meet the hottie!!




but don't tell my wife I said that...hehehehe!



"LCD panel, measuring 7 inches slimmer than Samsung's full production"

The real article says 7mm slimmer.  I couldn't figure out what LED's they released that were 7 inches thicker...  Take care.

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