Meet the New Faces of Fake Antivirus Software



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Long story short, somebody needs to step up their game. No one weakness can be blamed, because nothing is 100%. But AV's aren't cutting it anymore, even the best ones like Avast and MSE aren't doing jack against newer zero-days. Programs are too exploitable; I'm looking at you, Java, Adobe Reader, and Flash. I remove these infections for a living as a tech, but the fact that a little granny has to lay down a hundred bucks because of shit like this, it almost makes me feel like the criminal.


This is how bad it is: I've had 3 attempted rogues try to get in my machine through Google image searches in the past month. I of course killed the browser , processes, etc. before they started, but here's the skinny: I'm a tech and know how to avoid this stuff. I update Windows religously. I have MSE. I use Chrome with AdBlock and WOT. I run my Ninite executable daily (silent & automated w/Ninite Pro) to keep tabs on outdated Flash, Java, Adobe Reader, Air, browsers, etc. I use OpenDNS. I know what safe browsing habits are and apply them to my daily habits. And the stuff still finds a way through. I know how to react to it, that's the difference. Joe Schmoe will click on it 9 times out of 10 even after teaching them how to keep themselves protected and how to browse safely.



Due to my "Internet voyeurism", I've almost gotten quite a few this past year.  Luckily, I had MSE running and that nothing really happened *knock on wood*.  However, what annoys me the most is that these would-be malwares would shrink the hell out of my browser window so I really don't have any clue on what it really looks like.  I just end up using the Task Manager to kill my web browser.



So I'm not the only one that experiences that issue?  I thought it was something with my browser or Windows installation.  I have to manually drag the corners of my browser to see what the Hell it is, usually to be greeted with the window in the picture above.  Kill the application via Task Manager, clean temp files and folders, then scan the computer just to be sure



For your sake, I hope you aren't referring to the ACTUAL Microsoft Security Essentials AV program, but rather a fake that looks like it.  After all, MSSE scored very high marks in multiple AV tests around the net



I hate to say it, but the newest Microsoft Version looks very similar to the Firefox version, but is labled as Microsoft Security Essentials. When the bloody thing opened up it was a pain in the ass to close. Clicking cancle or the X in the upper right corner did absolutely nothing. I had to click OK, then close the Window. I run Super AntiSpyware and AVG Antivirus so wasn't to worried. I ran an update on both even though they were current, then scanned my PC just to be sure it wasn't infected. I just got done cleaning this crap off of 6 computers at work, so I wasn't happy seeing it try to install on my home computer. I'm happy to say that my PC was not infect, unlike the employees at the company I support, I knew what I was looking at.



My supervisor caught "Microsoft Security Essentials" doing a google image search.  She installed it and, when it reported viruses, pulled the network cable.  She then called me over on what to do.  I took one look and  a)knew this was not the security program IT had on our PCs, b) knew Microsoft does not install programs on your computer then ask for money to remove malisiocus software.  A Google search on my phone confirmed what it was.

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