Media Behemoth Blasts B&N's Nook eBook Reader



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I think e-readers have a very short future life. They're the perfect device for more convergence into cell phones (as PDAs did), netbooks and such. Seems like a waste of a thing to get caught up in.



For me it's all about the e-ink display.  It's just so easy on the eyes when reading in bed for long periods.



  Both the engadget and NYT panned the interface. Yet, all that could be fixed in software, right? I know, I know, it is supposed to be perfect out of the box. Shame of BN for releasing a buggy product! Thank goodness that was not the case with XBox360, iPhone, PS3, Wii, Sony Reader, and the Kindle.



I was considering getting a Nook, because my Sony PR500 (first generation sony e-reader requires a firm ware update in order to purchase new books.  Sony is going to e-pub format.  After reading this, it will be no nookie for me, (pun intended).  Instead, I will be sending in my PR500 for a free firmware upgrade.



I buy color PDFs from independent authors.  None of the current e-book readers do them justice.  I'm fine with my Nokia 800 WIMAX, although it could be a little zippier scrolling.  I like the screen size of the Kindle generation, but without color and a decent web browser, I have no interest in that market.

That said, I chipped in with other family members to buy my father-in-law a Nook.  He specificly put it on his wish list, so unless this review makes him publicly change his mind, that's at least one more Nook certificate under a tree this season.



I've got one ordered as a Christmas gift as well, although this one's going to a less tech savvy teen so I'm not too terribly concerned about the potential flaws. I'm anxious to test one out myself, however, and compare to NYT's assessment.

-Paul Lilly

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