McAfee Threat Report Points to Windows 8 as "Next Big Target"



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And in other completely shocking and unexpected news, researchers have proven that the Earth is NOT flat.



until I looked at the check four $5469, I did not believe friends brother woz trully receiving money part time at their computer.. there best friend started doing this for only about 14 months and by now repayed the dept on their mini mansion and purchased a great Ford Mustang. go to,



If anyone falls for this after this article it'll make my day



Way to go out on a limb there, McAfee.


John Pombrio

I would take this a bit more seriously if McAfee didn't just happen to sell a Win8 "Protection" racket.




especially since Intel purchased them for their "hardware security" intellectual property



I just completed a 10-page paper in my Operating Systems class last semester on the topic of malware. Windows 8 is far more "secure" than previous versions, but still a major target. The bulls-eye is most likely headed to Android phones as well, so watch out for that



only a major target because of marketshare, doubt it'll be a profitable target given the securability beyond its default settings



This just in: New Microsoft OS to become target for hackers!

>;/ Really?



Good thing I'll never own a Windows 8 PC.


Bullwinkle J Moose

"A more secure version of Windows?"???

Sounds like a typo...

Didn't you mean LESS secure?

I'm still waiting for an infection on an XP-SP2 box WITHOUT ANY MS UPDATES

All I have is DRIVESHIELD and a basic free antivirus

I have been testing it at all the rogue malware sites and can't even catch a cold

It sounds like the Government, Microsoft and Intel (McAfee's owner) want to blame some anonymous hackers for what they themselves are doing with Windows Spyware Platform 8


The Gov't weaponized spyware called FLAME was on computers for more than 5 years before a "Foreign" Company found it

So called "Illegal" copies of XP-SP2 without ANY microsoft updates can wipe unknown malware like Flame with a simple reboot when Driveshield is installed

Windows 8 prevents you from securing your computer from unknown Gov't threats that you won't find for YEARS untill some foreigners point it out to you

By the way...

Has anyone ever been able to duplicate that impossible cryptologic collision used to install Flame and Stuxnet "supposedly" without Microsofts help yet?

I heard they did it without Microsoft's help but thats just an Internet rumor I heard

I'd love to see some evidence



For anything you wrote?


Bullwinkle J Moose

That's odd...

There are only 2 groups of people who don't understand what I write...

The propaganda shills who continuously lie for their own survival at everyone else's expense

and those who blindly believe the propaganda shills and go broke giving these snake oil salesmen all their money to protect them without ever doing the research themselves to see who is telling the truth

Which one are you?



XP is an old creaky piece of antiquated shit that doesn't support DirectX 11, doesn't support anything remotely modern without hacks (like 3TB drives) and is horrifically insecure with no modern security features like those present in Windows 7.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Horribly insecure?

Yet I can't seem to get a worm or virus with Driveshield installed and absolutely ZERO Microsoft Security Updates

The only reason it was never updated for DX11, SSD's and New Format Drives was because it was not an ideal Government Spyware Platform

The new updated version of FLAME is already in the wild but you won't be able to find it on your Windows 7 and 8 machines for several years

Me, I can simply reboot XP and its gone!

Did you ever stop to wonder why Microsoft won't let you protect a Windows 7 or 8 computer but instead had to stamp out of existence all XP machines once we learned how to protect them?

No, of course not

You are not allowed to think for yourself



Did you miss all the shit I mentioned XP can't support without hacks, if that? No UEFI, no native USB 3 support, no 3TB drivers, no DirectX 11, etc etc. And Driveshield? Some random no name program no one except you uses? Are you serious? XP is shit. I can't wait until April 2014 when Microsoft ends it, and malware rips it to shitty pieces.



Actually, I can think for myself just fine. And I certainly don't need a spokesperson for Driveshield to tell me anything. Your just as bad as those ads from Norton and McAfee. And that's all you are, after your paranoid conspiracy garbage is swept away, some spokesperson for some other company's product that claims to keep you safe. The only proven method for keeping a computer safe, is to keep it off the internet and control physical access to it. But then what fun would that be?



"McAfee predicts rapid evolution of cyberthreats in 2013."

Yeah, I'd say the man has gone beyond batshit crazy. Wait, what? Oh, we're talking about the company he founded. Mah bad.



I'd say there is a market for viruses but with the huge hype behind apple products and the wide availibility of android products I would expect those two to see huge increases in attacks.

On a side note where did all the writers for MPC go? All I ever see is Paul Lily posting. Seriously look at the past 30 post on the site and I bet you'll see 20 of them are from Paul. Can I be a writer? Or can we change the site to Paul Lily PC?



Next you are going to tell me bug spray manufacturers are predicting an increase in bugs for 2013.



...And that they are all carrying bird flu, smallpox, and the black plauge!

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