McAfee Ranks Countries by Malware Risk



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This doesn't surprise me since there are many people from the US that like to cause digital violence for pleasure compared to Western Europe and Canada. Of course the latter two aren't perfect either.



This is just about numbers. It doesnt mean that any one country is worse than another its simply representative of the number of people who use the internet in each country. The more people who use the more the risk. The real problems here is lack of education and knowledge. Computer maintenance and security should be taught in schools and we shouldnt be seeing these kind of infection numbers. Its not about the security software this comes down to user ignorance. The best security you can get comes from you the user. End of story. So get with it people. Its one thing to have to fight against malicious attempts to compromise my security its another when all of my so called legit fellow users are helping.


Five Rabbits

Wonder what Western Europe is doing differently from the US.  More computer literate, stricter laws, and/or less poverty?




I'm sure that would qualify as "stricter laws". Then again, the passing of such a law implies god-awful computer literacy...




Thanks McAfee. Too bad a private company has to do the policing and watching of such things. Why can't someone send in a network drone and take these down?

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