McAfee: IE Exploit to Blame for Chinese Google Hack



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I just had an autoplay ad video with sound start when viewing this article MaxPC.  That's a pretty huge no-no if you want people to come back to your site.



So its the browser's fault for allowing the infection for coming in? Not McAfee antivirus program that should be doing that?

Seriously?! Why are "we" (we being a general term for people listening to McAfee's "announcements") listening to McAfee's predictions and announcements? They make a horrible product.

Once McAfee comes out with something respectable then I will start listening. 



You obviously never used McAfee ePolicy and only used their home products, which do kind of blow.  But their enterprise protection products aren't bad, better then most alternatives in the price range.

If companies like McAfee, Kaspersky and Symantec didn't make announcements about security vulnurabilities, then wtf would?  I agree this announcement may not be true, it will take a couple of more days to confirm it, but at least someone is working on preventing this from happening again using the same methods these hackers used...of course it won't be long till they find another way :)


what signature, where do i sign?



I don't even think any of Google's servers in run a version of Windows Server, so why is this even news, it's just as bad as when Symantec speaks!


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