McAfee Feeling Lighter, More Nimble after Shedding 250 Workers



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Well if they'd make a decent Anti-Virus they wouldnt have this problem. The crapware they install on a common PC is ludicrous. Do we really need ONE MORE TOOLBAR that tracks our usage? c'mon McAfee, fix your antivirus (where it works doing what is says it's supposed to) and try to regain community trust. Most people are afraid to install anything from them. Cant even download Flash w/o McAfee wanting in on the action and tries to install stuff people spend money on having removed!  it's supposed to be ANTI-VIRUS, not PRO-SPYWARE..



You're right... Wherever I see such software under the software I'm trying to install, that's it. I consider them as "adware crap". Since MCAfee is one of them, I avoid their AV completely.


As you said, start with just one, light, solid, tide AV and maybe, I'll trust them again, someday. But since they keep doing it, they must have their reasons. Probably they've benefits and hard to change that policy.

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