Maximum PC (Video) First Look: Velocity Micro's Hexa-core Raptor PC



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Does anyone know what kind/ brand caster wheels are on that case? I'd love to put a sturdy set like that on my box.



Not sure cpuking but its gotta be high quality since that is their signature series.  My Z5 I bought from them has very high end components and the case is super sturdy and high quality so I could only imaging that the wheel kit would match or even be higher quality.  Talking with their sales department about getting a signature real soon, it looks sweet.



Awesome video !! Now that is what I'm talking about !!! Up close & personal, good job.



I think this machine is amazing but I do agree with the "somethingelse" comment.  The machine, components and cabling are amazing and you talk about how it performs but how do we know?  We want to see what it does, I am sure it does it all though but I still want to see it.

I will be buying this machine as I do a lot of video editing and I do lots of gaming so this machine will do everything I want, plus more tomorrow.  I want to be able to see what it does compared to my old Velocity Micro Z5, which is about 2 years old now and i know this new machine will destroy my old Z5 but I want to see it.  As I posted this, the benchmarks have not been posted, hopefully they will come later, but I wait to see the benches.  Good job VM



These videos are stand there and talk with the box unplugged in front of you and that's all we see for the whole 5 minute video.  Instead of showing the same scene for the whole video, why don't you actually show the system running 3Dmark11, Unigine or some game benchmark.  Do some recordings of the system in action with multiple displays and play them back and run your speech in the back ground.  I mean you do tell useful information, but we like to see what the system can do instead of just stare at it.


If you continue with the current format, save yourself the hassle, do an audio recording and post an mp3 along with a few pictures of the box; same effect.



...Someone's cranky

Gordon rules...dont question his methods.



I agree Gordon rules. However, I don't know if it's the buzz or what - but he looks like he's lost some weight. Hope his health is OK.

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