Maximum PC (Video) First Look: Motorola Atrix and Laptop Dock



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Comeon guys get the specs right...How can you get the SOC specs(heart of the device) wrong

Atrix has a Nvidia Tegra2 dual core processor NOT a qualcomm snapdragon...

The video review mentions it incorrectly...



Got mine a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. AT&T network is perfectly fine where I live so that's not an issue. I already have a laptop, so I really don't need the laptop dock, but just as a phone it's fantastic. No complaints so far. Looking forward to seeing your full review.



Thanks for mentioning that AT&T made you drop your unlimited data plan when you signed the contract for this phone. I was seriously considering selling my iPhone 4 and getting the Atrix but now I'm not so sure.



If it was on any network other than AT&T I might buy this. But as it stands right now the Atrix was DOA for me.

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