Maximum PC turns 10! To Celebrate, Editor-in-Chief Will Smith Cuts Cake, Not Cheese



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Insula Gilliganis

You lied.. this is what Norm was "in awe" about.. the CAKE!!

I know this is probably all semantics but I don't consider Maximum PC being ten years old.. it is really twelve years old.  Just changing the banner name doesn't make it a newly created entity/publication but instead Maximum PC is an enhancement, enlargement & refinement of boot magazine (a letter sent out to boot subscribers called the change an "upgrade").  Just about everyone from the final boot (issue 23) editorial and art masthead was also listed on the first Maximum PC masthead.  Editor Brad Dosland even states in his last boot Ed Word that any magazine is really just a collection of people working together for a common purpose - "We'll still be the same bunch of roughnecks you've come to know.. ultimately the name "boot" is just a word.  What made boot special were the editors and artists who gave it their all.."

My wife would have liked this idea but when she married me and changed her name, her age magically didn't become 0 again and would now  just be turning 18 (and me perhaps in jail)!!   She is still really 41 regardless of how many times she would like to deny that fact.  And if Maximum PC is really just 10 years old, why is my Aug '08 issue listed as Vol. 13, No 8??  The very first Maximum PC was listed as Vol 1, No 1 but only on the outside cover.. inside it was listed as Vol 3, No 8, the very next issue after the final boot (Vol 3, No 7).

Again, all this is perhaps of some interest but ultimately irrelevant.  Just glad that for the past 12 years of my life I have been treated on a monthly basis with Pure PC Power and Mimimum BS from the good folks who have worked on "both" magazines.  Almost from the first second I saw boot #12 at a supermarket I have been hooked.. I subscribed over the phone the next day and even ordered every back issue available that same day (I missed on getting boot 1, 4 & 5).  Except for a brief time subscribing to CPU when that first came out as well as the wonderfully awesome & funny but not long for this world PC Accelerator have I subscribed to anything during that time.

One reason I hated CPU magazine was that it looked sooooo blahhhh!!  Have to congratulate all those who have made boot/Maximum PC soo pleasing to the eye, so visually interesting to view, so creative in how things were photographed and presented.  The photgraphy, graphics & visual art of the magazine as well as its layout have always been wonderful and most definitely a BIG factor in its success.  The SATA cables acting like a sea monster "attacking" Josh Norem is perhaps my favorite magazine visual.  Had a period of time exchanging emails with Kevin Ashburn when he was the art director about how the magazine looked as well as discussions on why, for a period of time, the mailed and store versions had different covers, which apparently was done for marketing purposes.  Kevin was very nice to take the time to discuss those things with me.

CPU also had NOO humor in it.  boot/Maximum PC has always been able to make me giggle in some way, either with Gordon's Star Wars/Star Trek references, Jon Philip's "Glitch" page (still waiting for a videocard to be faster than 425 BungholioMarks before I upgrade my TNT2), Josh Norem's "In the Lab", or the + - Verdict comparisons (although you once had The Thing as a +, Hulk a -, then later you had them switched.. which is it????).  Also what other magazine would actually review a reader created rig (the Chamsalot P-III 1GHz which got a 6, no fault of its creator though.. hardware that refused to cooperate together) which had, I think, the 2 best Plus comments EVER.. "Case of the Gods" & "His boss paid for it" both written by Josh.  Josh also wrote the funnest single thing I ever read in this magazine.. the Mini-Me computer review!!

Will be waiting to read which past staff members contributed a story or memory.  Perhaps I might find out what has been going on with Brad Dosland since he left, what color of nail polish Scott Tarr is currently sporting, was that Dreamweaver how-to the only time Geoffrey Vigilio wore a dress, and when is Josh Norem returning to the magazine.. again!!  BTW, who seems more obsessed with cats.. David Murphy or Josh Norem??  Just wondering!!  Not a cat hater here.. I have my own cat which my wife says is my best friend!!  Maybe I will even read that you all tracked down what happened to those Dream Machines that you gave away via contests (the 97, 98 and 2000 machines were up for grabs)

Lastly, STILL waiting for that "Bill Of Sale" interview with Bill Gate$ "promised" in the last issue of boot that would show up sometime in Maximum PC.  Now that Bill is retired, perhaps he has the time for that interview.  If I don't see that interview soon, will start to think you photoshopped Bill holding that Maximum PC cover!!  AGAIN you lie!!!!!

Thanks again for all the time you had me absorbed in thoughts of overclocking, watercooling, upgrading, system building, Windows hacking and everything else that has been written, discussed, dissected, photographed & pictured within the covers of the best magazine EVER.. whatever it is called!!!!!!



Who had to clean up that filthy spatula and all the mess?  Did you pass it off to the poor intern or did one of the editors man up?


Talcum X

 I've seen many changes to the magazine, and the staff over the years. I cant think of a 'bad time' at all.  Keep up the good work, all of you.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



Congrats!! Everyone!!


Keep up the good work... looking forward to another 10...



congratulation guys, keep up the good work and hope to convert all MPC issues to PDF archive so that everyone can enjoy this great magazine.



I still have the very first issue of "boot" magazine, dated: Aug/Sept 96! Still looks like new!

Where has time gone? Anyone know?



Keep up the great work! MaxPC is the only one in its class and it MUST keep on going strong!

BTW, how do you actually have the courage to cut such a cool lookin' cake?! ;)




So, like, can you mail me a piece?  


fake gordon mah ung

is not a lie! Congrats MPC. Keep the print and podcast goodness coming.



Cake looks yummy! Congrats! 10 yrs ago I decided to go back to school and get out of my dead-end job. How about a pic of that 1st issue cover?



I've been reading your magazine every month of the last 10 years.  Thank you to everyone on the staff for making the absolute best pc magazine on the market.  Nobody compares to you guys and gals.  Keep up the great work.  Love your magazine.



who made the cake?



I don't know who made it, but I do know that it was delicious and moist, and there were strawberries in the middle!

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