Maximum PC PSA: Don't Eat Your World of Warcraft Authenticator



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LOL! No worries, mate. 2-3 days should see the problem "pass". Just listen for the telltale "CLINK" in the bowl. I wonder if it still would work?



I'd like to know how he's planning on removing the authenticator from his account when the number is listed on the back of it!  I don't think the Blizzard tech support would buy "I ate my authenticator" as a reason to remove it.  I'm sure if he said it was lost they could maybe do something about it.



It's a pain in the a$$ (no pun intended.) It took me 3 emails and 48 hours to have my authenticator removed when I reformatted my phone without disabling it. They ask several questions to verify that you aren't attempting to compromise the account. They even wanted the CD key from one of my expansion disks. Its a good thing I keep all that info.



now the bugs he ate last week can authenticate thier illigal version of wow



He somehow managed to do it just before the roll-out of Cataclysm, too. Double-duh!



Anyone remember that story a while back when a kid ate a coin cell battery? Those World of Warcraft Authenticator's wouldn't happen to also have a coin cell in it... right?

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