Maximum PC First Look: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Video)



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I picked one of these up and it seems like a neat idea, just cheaply constructed.  How's a PC fan supposed to find solidly built PC products these days?



I picked one up today to try because it looked interesting in the video. It's an OK laptop mouse. Easy to pack and setup. The usb key works great, it has a nice low profile. The shape is not that comfortabe in my bigg'ish hand. I find that the forward posistion of the laser totally changes the response and hand movement when compared to a more traditional location. It does work pretty good on the arm of my sofa though. A little too sensitive on slick surfaces. I do like the "scroll wheel" and it's functions. I prefer to drag around the Kennsington Slimblade trackball. I'd say wait for Arc Touch 2.0,



Cool idea for a portable mouse.  I can see it coming in handy for journalists, especially sports journos that spend a lot of time in press boxes and have to be choosy about what they carry with them.



Intresting....Nice idea.  I'd wait for performance though.


Keith E. Whisman

It's neat and perhaps something to bring to a lan party just to show off but when the gaming starts the gaming mouse gets used. 

If only it had more buttons and perhaps could fold a little length wise.




Looks Interesting... Seems a little long to be considered "portable." My old mobile Microsoft mouse is half that size. I like the looks and the cool design features that Microsoft is going for here.

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