Maximum Interview: Gigabyte's Colin Brix



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Why oh why did Gigabyte have to ditch the blue scheme...? Seriously, it was original and made their boards stand out..

Black and gold...comeon guys....boring.

Actually I think the naming system is pretty intuitive..P67 (chipset..this ones easy) ..A for Accelerated (Makes sense) and UD for Ultra Durable (not hard once you know Gigabyte) I guess the last digit is hard to remember when you are faced with a couple different boards of the same series.

Their Bulldozer boards better not be Black ....eeew.


Peanut Fox

SEE!  Even the guys at Gigabyte can't remember the naming schemes fro their own boards.  Just look.  It takes like 4 seconds for him to turn around and look to see what the name of the damn thing was after Gordan asked the question.  Of course knowing Gordan, he likely planed on that and asked the guy to see if he could keep it straight.  

Seriously.  Stop letting engineers name these things, and hire a marketing department. 

Nice board all the same.



Stop hiring marketing people that have no clue wtf they are talking about and let someone technical or an engineer to come to the shows and talk about their product. 

C'mon, the guy says the board has SATA6?  Did we just jump 15 years in the future?  If he corrected Gord when he asked that, would have made him look much smarter.


Peanut Fox

The problem with saying SATA 3 is even though it is the 3rd generation of SATA, it sounds like you are talking about the second generation which is called SATA 3Gbps.  By saying SATA 6 or 6 Gbps, it's very clear that a person is talking about the latest spec.

I telling you man.  Engineers are terrible at naming things.  If they could have "cups" would be called "sanitized liquid storage cells".



I'm quite thrilled with the new color scheme. Even though it's for their high end boards, it's very much welcomed.

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