Max Payne 3 Not Canceled, Devs Assure



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I guess now that Duke Nukem Forever is coming out, they figured we'd need a new vaporware game to take its place.



Does anyone else remember the good ol' days, where a company took 5 or 6 years to release a sequel, but the did it right? Example, HL and HL2. HL was great, HL2 was exponentially better. Cutting edge graphics, great story, fantastic gameplay.

Unfortunately that seems to be the exception, not the norm now. I loved Max Payne 2. I feel like I'm going to dislike Max Payne 3 though. Not sure whether it will be the overzealous hardware requirements, mediocre game play, pitiful story or a little bit of each, but unfortunately I've learned to expect very little from games now adays. Star Craft 2? Same deal. For Blizzard to have had any interest in the game at all, it would have taken them less than 10 years to release, they wouldn't have started a smoke and mirrors marketing campaign in 2007 to fill their greedy-piggy wallets, and they wouldn't have crippled the game with DRM so stupefying that it defies the very laws of spacetime. Not to mention, if you want to complete the story, that'll be 2 extra games at $60 a piece. It's all a cash-grab now, marketing to morons who have barely enough mental horsepower to outwit a pickled beet. Meanwhile, the developers have dropped their pants and taken a nice steaming dump on gamers that can appreciate a thoughtful work of art, that's as cunning and well thought out as it is exhilarating.

I guess I have to give props to the gaming industry though.. they've lowered expectations so much that they can go into work, take dumps into DVD cases, and put a name on it and sell it for $60. If I could do that as opposed to actually working like a respectable human being, I suppose I would. Bravo you pussies.



So they screwed with the forumla and turned it into another idiot fking McShooter game? If thats the case then I could really care less if its ever released. That promo pic doesnt look anything LIKE Max at all, it looks quite stupid. It doesnt even remotely look like him at all.


To pathetic to even be called a fail.

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