Matrix Online Says “Sayonara” with End of World Event



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MxO was the only MMO I've ever played - I forced myself to stop playing when I had a moment of self-realization that I was putting more time into the game than I was into my relationship.  I really felt a twang on the heart though when I found out it was pulled - I always held the notion that MxO would be around for a while if I ever wanted to dip my toes back into MMO waters' (or if my better half ever went on holiday without me!).

Lots of good memories.

Oh, and it's nice to see you're still around ALTRego....

ShiZhanShi, FightClub - Vector Hostile, Lvl 50 Kung Fu



     I played beta, did the grind, witnessed the sell to SOE, saw the change to the combat system.


     I do not play it anymore mainly because most of the things I loved about the game were changed or removed during the changing of ownership hands to sony.  Alot of people left at that time. 


     In its day, it was truly wonderful play.  I'm sad to see it go.


     Goodbye MxO,

     ALTRego, Original "Fight Club"

     Lev 50 Hacker



I heard this was a decent game, it just didn't catch, i never had the chance to play, they didn't have any trials available when i was looking for them. Sony did kind of flop this game from what i hear. It went the way of Star Wars Galaxies. I would like to see the end game event though.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



 When did the Matrix Online begin to exist? I thought there was only that 'Enter the Matrix' Game? This is news to me!

This is the first big advertisement I've seen for this game... the end of it.




Keith E. Whisman

There's a Matrix MMO game? Cool.



You can learn a lot, like the most recent action on the MXO forums aside from the closure thread was made around May 17th... The closure announcement thread reached a paltry 100 posts in a couple hours...

 Yep, it is a safe bet to pull the plug on this one. 



Come on Matrix, gimme that source code. Maybe it can make a fun open source product.



I thought the game was shut down 2 or 3 years ago.



I'm a pretty hardcore gamer since '80.  I read almost all the gaming mags and check out ALOT of online sites. I had no idea this game existed.  Didja know there's still some pretty cool MUDs around?? The Cortex? Abandoned Reality?  I know about that clue on a Matrix MMO.  Is their advertising budget zero dollars and zero cents per year?  Maybe they just misallocated their funds.  Full page ads in Ladies Home Journal for example....Clearly thay don't know how to make a game OR run a business.  Good riddance.



This game debuted to quite a bit of fanfare 4 years ago. I've been an avid gamer since the late 70's myself.

Of course, very soon after launch the game was determined to be really not much to write home about, and became the butt of many jokes over the years, including some hilarious stuff by Maximum PC and other similar publications. I'm amazed it lasted more than a year, let alone 4.




yeah they game was kinda meh and buggy. Beta users/pre porderer were supose to get a free "Super jump" power but mine never activated, i had to borrow one for a guild mate (you can trade powers/skills) real life saw fit to keep me out of the game so i gave back the power and then cut my sub.


the times i did play it it was ok...a but grindy (even more then WoW) but very matrixy



i found some stuff about this in the Matrix DVD i bought. there is a piece of paper about it, and it's in the 2nd DVD with the extra stuff.


i feel reallybad when a MMO bites the dust. as small as it is, the players who play it will feel sad.if warhammer get shutdown, i would be pretty depressed



i dont wanna step on anybodys toes, but man its just a game.



lol, i have never heard of this game before either.

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