Mass Shipments of Intel's Ivy Bridge Reportedly Delayed Until Summer



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maverick knight

This is a brilliant marketing strategy. Intel's earnings forecast for IB are high. If they release IB at the same price or higher compared to SB then it will kill SB sales. This will lead to production losses from SB, which is bad. On the other hand, if IB is released and SB prices drop it could kill potential sales from IB.

Maximizing profits is what business is about. Instead of bashing the unknown situation people should learn from these business tactics. One day you might own a business or be in charge of marketing and sales department.

I am waiting for IB as well. I plan to upgrade my i5 2500k with i7 3770 (I believe thats the next i7?). I then recycle my i5 to an HTPC.



Hmm.. glad I didn't put off building my new rig until after Ivy Bridge dropped now.

I doubt this will affect the launch of Apple's new updated line of MBP's, though. With the rate current stock sells, I'm pretty sure they don't have much of a stockpile left.



Why not release Ivy Bridge, but keep Sandy Bridge as the lower-end chip, at the same time? Sure, it'll take longer to get rid of the Sandy Bridge chips, but there are still plenty of people who don't need a fast IB chip and will pay less for SB if they can, and others who want the latest and greatest and will pay for IB.



Unfortunately, Intel makes more $$ from leaving SB at the same prices while releasing small amounts of IB stock. That way, they establish the same relative pricing (IB > SB) for their procs, but leaves their lowest CPU price where it is, which will probably increase their profits...

Most everybody realizes that this is just a cash cow while Intel waits for AMD to catch up with the last generation CPUs.



Dang! I am planning an upgrade of 3 computers with Ivy Bridge and new Z77 mobos. I will be using the most expensive Ivy Bridge chip and I bet if Intel is going to ship anything, it will be the i7-3770K chip. Got my fingers crossed...



Intel always seems to back off their launch targets when AMD fails to force the issue. I hope AMD gets their stuff together and drives Intel to get off their back sides soon. However, based on recent AMD releases and news this is not looking likely in the short term. Which is why Intel is just doing a paper launch. Maybe in a few years the Chinese will motivate Intel to stop dragging their feet.



RAGE!! I wanted Ivy Bridge for a nice HTPC! AMD is now my choice.



Just further proof that if left unchallenged Intel will tend to maintain the status quo in performance. They're locked in to the "Why innovate if what we have is 'good enough'?" paradigm.

AMD, while they have been sucking (tragic) for a while now, at least tries to innovate. Intel would have been perfectly happy to have stopped at single-core 32 bit processors had their hand not been forced :(

For all the Intel fans, this delay gives Intel time to think of yet another short-lived socket you'll need to buy a new mobo for and for you fans to save up the money to buy said mobo. Maybe you'll even be able to save enough to get expansion cards to add all the features that should be there but aren't because, well, it's Intel. ;)



Since they're cheaper to build than SB chips, this is going to be a very brief delay.



HEY! They're stealing AMD's bit!
LOLz, nice to know even Intel has issues some days.



Doesn't matter too much IMO. I won't be graduated until May so I won't be doing a new build until a couple of months after that when I'm rolling in huge paychecks. Plus this gives more time for the HDD market to stop being a gouge fest.



Well, if my son can land an $85K a year job with performance bonuses 2 months before graduation, I guess you can too (double major, Comp Sci and Math). Good luck!

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