Marvell Wants to Revolutionize Education by Trading Textbooks for eBooks



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Online learning tools have virtually eliminated the need to attend traditional brick and mortar schools, when enrolled in continuing education programs. I have a communication masters degree obtained through an online program. Advances in technology have resulted in numerous online tools that are free to users today, along with being user friendly. These tools have created rich educational opportunities for anyone with a computer and access to the Internet.



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As a student I can say I hate carrying book around, but the biggest issue I have with eBooks is you can't sell them back. Sure they are a little cheaper (and sometimes not which is even more rediculous) but there is no resale value.  Plus some books, like my Calculus book, I am always flipping between pages, putting post-its on reference pages, etc.  That is not as convinient with an eBook.



 there is a post it stickies app for windows if its a tablet not a ebook it could work

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Yea, trade your easily resellable book for a book you cannot resell. Perfect Idea.

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