Marvell Rolls Out New SATA 6Gbps Controller for SSDs



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what a bunch of crap. marvell sucks. I turned off my sata 6 controller on my x58 board cause it is absolute garbage. I actually have my samsung 830 SSD on my Intel 3.0Gbps SATA controller and it performs much better than the marvell 6 gig. I just wish Marvell would come out with a firmware update tool that actually works and also supply a new firmware that will improve the performance on my chip.



Marvell's been in the business for ages. You can't judge the entire company and their other products based on one subpar experience, that's ridiculous.



Yes he can. It's his right as a consumer. Plus, he makes himself look incredibly dim because this article is about the controller in the SSD and not the one mounted on your Mobo.
Although strangely enough, he defends the same company who didn't put a native SATA R.3 in the chipset and bashes the company that at least tried to give him the additional speed...

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