Marvell Develops World's First Four-Way 802.11n Chip



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When are you guys going to have a fix or solution to these damn spam adds? Do you have an update on whats going on behind the scenes? Its every freaking article and topic! I come to the site for some interesting tech controversy and discussion so i look for comments to talk to people about tech - and i see that there are a few comments in an article, so guess what - i click on the article. And behold its a bunch of spam - brilliant marketing technique - frustratingly irritating garbage! Please filter this garbage!



Its still a 3 stream chip or up to 450mb/sec...which isn't new. There's already a trendnet router that supports this. Marvell is just getting on board. Unless I'm missing something?



What exactly would a four-way chip do? Is it like the dual-band routers that are out there, except quad-band instead? Or is it something else entirely that I'm just not getting?

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