Marshall Brand Headphones Coming Soon



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I have been playing guitar for 10 years now and all I play is marshall, But I play metal, and not only that, I can't tell you how many other musicians i know use pedals, i don't know a guitarist that doesn't use pedals, for whatever the sound may be, the days of just relying on the amp is over my friend. mesa boogie is a good amp company but there are so many switches and knobs you'll never find the sound you want, also good luck finding a store that has what you want, you can't buy them online, and the wait is about 6 months for a mesa boogie amp oh and not to mention they are extremely expensive! and the music is not allowed to do any kind of deals with you, so its ticket prices only folks...yeah i know it sucks

With that said I am looking forward to the sound of these headphones, Marshall has made its name in the sound they provide for their fans and the fans of the bands they provide clairity and joy,

Even if you still don't like marshall or just have something against the english folks marshall will provide you with what you desire in your sound



I have been a guitarist for over 25 years and in my experience and personal preference, Marshall amps & speakers are junk. Yes I know there are lots of artist that use them and they have been around since the dawn of time, but it still doesn't change the fact that Marshall's are good for one thing only: volume. The tone just flat out blows.

I definately would not buy these headphones if Marshall is a factor in the speaker technology. If you want to partner with a REAL amp company, partner with Mesa Boogie.



Hey.. you guys are gonna do a review? Riiiiiiiiight?


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